Mayavi Maling: Chegu and Angad’s powerful battle to begin


Eshwarya makes a plan to get Chegu’s safe entry in the palace. Garima helps out Eshwarya. They get glad that Chegu didn’t get caught. Eshwarya asks Garima not to reveal anything. Eshwarya distracts the guards and helps Chegu hide in the palace. Chegu doesn’t fall in Madhumali’s trap. The miraculous ice melts down when Chegu passes by. Chegu learns Madhumali’s plans and stops the bell from ringing. He doesn’t let the evil guards get alert. He hides from everyone and reaches the mandap to expose Madhumali and Angad’s true face of Daanav Vanshis. Madhumali tells Angad that he shouldn’t be scared of fire anymore. Maharaj Shil Aditya gets helpless to get Pranali in the mandap. He promises her that he won’t let the marriage complete. Chegu interrupts the marriage.

Angad asks Madhumali about Chegu. Chegu turns into a bad dream for them. He attacks them in front of everyone in an attempt to instigate them for revealing their demonic powers in Maling Rajya. Pranali and Maharaj Shil Aditya witness the drama. Chegu starts with burning the ghat bandhan. He obstructs the marriage rituals. Chegu forms the Agnichakra and captures Angad and Madhumali inside. He wishes Angad shows his true self. Madhumali stops Angad from showing their truth and powers. She asks her son not to lose control on his anger. Chegu tells everyone that Madhumali and Angad are the Daanav vanshis. Adhivanth continues the act and calls Chegu a demon. Chegu tells them that he is a Dev Vanshi, he will fail Angad’s planning to snatch Maling’s throne. He reveals the planning of Madhumali and Angad.

Angad begins his drama to gain sympathy from Maharaj Shil Aditya, who doesn’t break his silence. Pranali realizes this was her dad’s planning. Adhivanth thinks its time that he tells the truth to everyone. He accepts the fact that Madhumali and Angad are Daanav Vanshis, who have trapped Trishanku. Madhumali tries hard to fool everyone. She asks Maharaj Shil Aditya to believe her, she is not greedy for Maling throne. She doesn’t want any humiliation. She finds Angad falling weak and uses her powers to save him. She hypnotizes Chegu so that he breaks the Agnichakra himself. Antara finds Chegu getting influenced. She asks Chegu not to stop. Chegu visualizes Eshwarya in danger and falls weak. Chegu realizes it was Madhumali’s scheme. Chegu succeeds to attack on Angad again. Madhumali angrily defends herself by using the powers. Angad uses Madhumali to frame her in the crime and save his image.


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