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Jiji Maa:
Suyash finally meets his real mother Gayatri. He gets emotional. They shed tears. Suyash unites with Gayatri, just because of Falguni. Gayatri hugs Suyash. She doesn’t want Uttara to play with Suyash and Falguni’s lives. Falguni has saved Gayatri’s life and got her home. Gayatri tells Suyash that Falguni made their union possible. She asks Suyash to give another chance to his relationship with Falguni. Suyash expresses his annoyance. He asks Gayatri why didn’t she care for him, why did she left without informing him. He tells her that he has missed her a lot. She tells him that she had written a letter for him. She says I have always told you that Falguni can’t be wrong, always choose Falguni over anyone else under any circumstances. She explains that misunderstandings breaks relations. She asks him to promise that he will accept Falguni. He asks her to promise that she will never leave him now. They promise each other. He was waiting for this day since long.

Shakti: Harman and Jasleen don’t leave their search for Soumya. They reach Sameer’s house once again. Sameer makes Soumya sleep. He worries when he finds Harman and Jasleen at the door. He tells his mum about them. Sameer and his mum quickly hide Soumya in her room. Harman breaks the door open and gets in. Sameer’s mum does a drama of a foot sprain. Harman and Jasleen’s focus get diverted. Jasleen does the aid to her pain. She asks her not to worry, she will get fine. She asks Sameer to help Harman.

Aapke Aa Jane Se:
Nidhi poisons Yash’s food. Vedika learns the matter. Before she could stop Yash, he consumes the food. He falls unconscious. Vedika worries seeing him. Nidhi wanted to kill Yash so that she can target Vedika and others. Vedika saves Yash’s life. Nidhi escapes from the house to avoid everyone’s wrath.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Shagun questions the Bhallas for bringing Roshni home. She asks Raman how can he be so stupid to get Roshni and her illegitimate child home. She asks them if they will get Adi’s murderer Ishita too. She asks why are they giving importance to Roshni. Mrs. Bhalla asks Shagun not to interfere in her house matters. Shagun asks them did they think about Aaliya’s feelings, how would Aaliya feel when Roshni comes to stay with them. She asks them to decide who will stay with them, Roshni or Aaliya. She doesn’t want Bhallas to hurt Aaliya’s feelings. She asks Aaliya to come with her.


Shivay will be solving a murder mystery. He gets spying to know who has killed Rakesh. He gets an important clue and is hopeful to find the culprit. He visits Rishabh’s house and collects some pictures. Oberois will be fooling Rishabh to stop him from going to London. Shivay is trying hard to find a solid evidence against Rishabh. Shivay isn’t ready to accept that Rakesh had a natural death. Shivay finds the situation strange. He is trying to know how Rakesh was killed. He checks Rakesh’s pictures. Anika asks him to give some rest to his eyes, how long will he stare at the pictures. Shivay tells her that the pictures have the clue hidden.

Piyaa Albela:

A new drama begins in Vyas mansion. Pooja gets angry on Angraj when he troubles her. Anuj accuses Angraj in front of the family. He goes on and beats up Angraj. Naren stops Anuj and takes a stand for his brother. Anuj tells Naren that Angraj is Pooja’s psycho lover. Angraj acts innocent and cooks up a new story to gain Supriya’s sympathy. Anuj asks them to make Angraj out of the house. Supriya supports her son and tells them that she will also leave the house with him. She showers her love on Angraj. Pooja stops Supriya from leaving. Angraj plays his move to win everyone’s trust. Pooja can see his truth clearly, while Naren falls in a dilemma.

Ishq Mein Marjawa:

There is a new entry in the show, who is helping out Aarohi. Deep gets jealous seeing a new guy in Aarohi’s life. Tara attacks Roma to send Aarohi behind bars. She targets Aarohi again. Aarohi lands in jail. The guy Danny reaches Aarohi to save her. Deep also tries to bail out Aarohi. Inspector tells Deep that they can’t find out the truth, whether they caught Aarohi or Tara till they conduct the blood test. Deep fails to free Aarohi. Inspector says we have no enmity with Aarohi, but we can’t take a risk by leaving Tara. Danny is a lawyer by profession. He argues with the inspector and frees Aarohi.


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