Savitri Devi: Veer’s true love to weaken Sanchi’s heart

troubles for sanchi

Dr. Kabir gets Police take Sunny to Police station for questioning. Sanchi and Jaya get tensed. Dr. Kabir is angry with Sanchi and blames her for stealing the phone which had the proofs against Sunny. He blackmails Sanchi and asks her if she understands now what he can do if she tries to go against him. Veer listens to them and sees Dr. Kabir threatening and blackmailing Sanchi. Sanchi gets shocked on seeing Veer. He doesn’t get to know the matter.

Sanchi gets helpless and falls weak seeing Veer’s love. She regrets for her decision. She is blackmailed by Dr. Kabir. Veer hugs her and expresses his love. He is restless. He tells her that he trusts her a lot. He shows her their engagement ring. She thinks to tell him about the divorce. Her heart melts seeing his love. He asks her why is she sad. She doesn’t have courage to tell him anything. He talks sweetly.

Veer is trying hard that Sanchi doesn’t get away from him. She doesn’t give him the divorce papers. The papers fall down. Veer helps her and picks the papers. She doesn’t let him see the papers. He feels she has changed a lot. He talks emotionally. He tells her that he isn’t feeling well, he is getting a bad intuition and wants to go home with her early today. Sanchi thinks of not upsetting him further. Dr. Kabir pressurizes her to shock Veer with the divorce papers.


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