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Omkara tries to make Gauri happy. He bakes a cake for her. He doesn’t want Gauri to stay silent and sorrowful because of the bad incident. He wants his Chulbul Gauri back. He asks Gauri to forget the bad incident. He takes help from Shivay and Rudra. He prepares the best cake. Gauri smiles seeing the cake. She gets back to her Chulbul avatar and cuts the cake. Omkara brings Gauri out of the trauma. All the three couples spend some lovey dovey moments. Gauri thanks Omkara for the good surprise.

Jiji Maa: Suyash and Falguni have a cute moment. He has rescued her from the goons and got her home. He is happy that she is fine, as she is his love. He gets juice for her. She makes the juice fall over him. She worries that his shirt got spoiled. She tries to clean the shirt and uses a dirty cloth. She stains his shirt even more. He finds her nervous. She then pours water on him. He asks her to stop it. He then stops her to control. He asks her what is she doing. She apologizes for ruining his efforts. Uttara calls her Lazer and shocks her. Falguni calls Balwant. She wants him to expose Uttara’s truth. Falguni threatens Balwant and asks him why did he tell her identity to Uttara.

Ishq SubhanAllah:

Miraz plays a dirty game again. He wanted to shoot Kabeer and Zara. He stopped himself on seeing Ruksar’s plotting going on. Ruksar’s truth comes out. Zara tells Kabeer that she will expose Ruksar with the help of evidence. She investigates and finds out Ruksar’s crimes. She reveals to Kabeer that Ruksar has been adamant to break their marriage. Zara tells Kabeer that Ruksar has got Shiraz after them, she has put their lives in danger. She says Ruksar has pushed me down the cliff. Kabeer tells her that Ruksar has done much wrong, he will not tolerate if Ruksar tries to take anyone’s life, as its wrong.

Shamsher punishes Kamla on knowing she knew about Roop taking part in the dance competition as Radha. Kamla takes the blame on herself just to save Himani. He decides to get Himani married so that Roop doesn’t get influenced by her. He asks Roop to learn manly characteristics from his cousin Ranvir, who is a carbon copy of Shamsher and doesn’t bend down in front of girls. Palak gets sad for Roop.

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai: Naina gets upset with Sameer as Sunaina eyes him and tells Mitali about visiting his house with her dad. Naina imagines them on the bike ride and gets jealous. Bittu and Pooja’s fight will affect their relationship. Sameer challenges Naina to extend her hand if she wants to have bike ride with him else someone else will get the chance. Naina gets thinking and agrees. Sameer and Naina enjoy their bike ride and have cute moments.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

Kartik and Naira keep their hatred with all the intensity. Naira becomes the target of his anger in the class. He asks the class to maintain silence, and gets irritated by the students’ mischief. He gets angry on Naira and throws the chalk piece at her. He misunderstand her again. He asks the students to focus on the project topic. He acts stern and asks the students to leave if they don’t want to give the tests. A student throws the chalk and hits Kartik. Kartik recalls the old moment and assumes Naira for hitting the chalk at him.


Chakor asks Suraj not to send her to the mental hospital, she isn’t mad, Imli will surely come and take revenge. She asks Tejaswini and Kasturi to believe her. Chakor pleads to Suraj to trust her. Suraj doesn’t help her and cries. He wishes she comes back soon. Suraj then blames Vivaan for driving Chakor to this extent of madness by supporting her in the wrong thing. Suraj goes through much pain and prays that she recovers soon. Chakor makes everyone believe that she has gone totally mad. Chakor leaves in the mental asylum’s van. Tejaswini scolds Vivaan for encouraging Chakor and breaking Suraj and Chakor’s togetherness. Vivaan bears the taunts and keeps his silence.

Kumkum Bhagya:

Tanu realizes Kiara is Abhi and Pragya’s daughter and thinks who brought her here. She thinks she will not leave the person who brought her here. She burst out her anger on Disha and Sunny. Disha and Sunny understand something is wrong and Tanu is scared with Kiara’s return. Tanu takes Kiara as Pragya’s threat and decides to do something before Abhi and Pragya see each other. She comes to the conclusion that Kiara is surely Abhi and Pragya’s daughter and decides to make sure she doesn’t come again. She tries to talk to Abhi, but he ignores her.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Raman plans a surprise for Ishita. He wants Ishita’s anger to get less. Ruhi, Pihu, Raman and everyone try to make Ishita and Roshni happy, so that they get convinced. Mrs. Bhalla is determined to get Roshni home, but Ishita doesn’t permit them. Bhallas try to change Ishita’s decision. Raman invites Ishita at a restaurant and tries to talk to her. The power goes suddenly. She gets troubled by a cockroach and asks Raman to help her. Entire Bhalla family tries to convince Roshni. Even Aaliya meets Roshni and tells her that her annoyance has ended, she also wants Roshni to come home. Aaliya shows a big heart. She assures Ishita that she will take care of Roshni. She melts her heart for Adi’s child.

Piyaa Albela:
Pooja is thrown out of house as Supriya blames her for her son’s dead. She regrets not to tell Naren about Angraj although Anuj encourages her to tell the truth to Naren, so that he can save her. Naren asks Pooja to tell what is she hiding, but she hides her bitter past with Angraj. She doesn’t want to ruin family happiness. Pooja’s silence make her pay a big price. She talks to his picture and asks why did you leave me. She becomes lonely.


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