Udaan: Imli’s truth to surface; SuKor’s lives to get back on track

Udaan: Imli to claim her positive entry

Suraj gets jealous of Vivaan and Chakor’s friendship. He finds them dancing near the shade and takes their class as they have disrespected him in front of the entire family. Suraj smashes water on Chakor’s face and gets her back to senses. She gets out of her intoxicated state. Suraj shows her a clip of her madness and tells her that he will not tolerate this further. He asks her to get over Imli and forget the matter. He brings Chakor home and gives her a final warning. He asks her to be ready to end the relation if she continues searching for Imli. Chakor fails to prove herself and cries. Vivaan then informs Suraj that Chakor has taken Saanvi with her in anger and she has lost her sanity.

He asks Suraj to make sure that Saanvi is fine. Imli witnesses the moment when Chakor acts mad and tries to kill Saanvi. Suraj and Vivaan search for Saanvi. They stop Chakor from hurting Saanvi. Suraj gets helpless to call the mental hospital. He tells Chakor that she has totally lost her mind and now she has become a threat for Saanvi, so he can’t leave her untreated. He wants Chakor’s fears to end. The mental hospital staff reach the haveli and drag Chakor with them. Suraj feels unhappy and cries for Chakor’s unstable mental state. He gets sorrowful and misses Chakor. Imli gets happiness seeing Chakor leaving and Suraj breaking down.

Imli thinks Chakor has gone away to the mental asylum. She celebrates her victory and sits on her throne, thinking she has ultimately won. She thinks she will be ruling again. She says Chakor has lost to me, my master stroke has made Chakor out of the race forever. Chakor comes to her and confronts her survival. She tells Imli that she has fooled her and made this plan to get her out of her hideout. Imli loses out to Chakor. She gets angry and tries to kill Chakor by stabbing her.

Suraj and Vivaan come there and see Imli. Suraj hits Imli and faints her down. Vivaan locks up Imli in a room. Vivaan tells Suraj that they have finally got Imli out. Chakor succeeds in exposing Imli. She has planned a big thing to bring Imli in front of Suraj, when all her plans were failing. Chakor and Vivaan proves themselves. Suraj gets a huge shock on finding Imli alive. He then believes Chakor and feels guilty. He realizes that Imli was really troubling Chakor and Vivaan, and he was an idiot to not believe them. Suraj apologizes to Chakor. Suraj and Chakor’s lives get back on track. Their cute moments and romance will be seen next.



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