Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Bhallas to put Ishita in a big dilemma

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: New mystery around Ishita's enemy

Its a testing time for Ishita again. Bhallas reach Roshni to take her home. Shagun and Aaliya dislike their move, but go with Bhallas to meet Roshni. Ishita refuses to send Roshni with Raman. Mrs. Bhalla asks Ishita to let them get happiness, after she has snatched everything from them. She reminds Ishita how to keep relationships. Ishita gets helpless and thinks of Roshni’s sentiments. She asks them to think of Roshni’s feelings, they didn’t care for Roshni’s life till now and now they are showing much interest. She finds the family selfish to come ahead for the baby’s sake. Bhallas get the Godh-Bharai rasam shagun for Roshni. Mrs. Bhalla tells Roshni that she wants to do the rasam at her home. Ishita tells her that only Roshni will be deciding for the baby.

She asks them didn’t they think of Roshni’s comfort, who wants to live in her own house. She understands that Bhallas are just interested in Adi’s child. She hugs Roshni and tells her that none can force her against her will. Mrs. Bhalla just wants Adi’s child home, so that they can get their heir. She tells Ishita that she wants to fulfill her responsibility towards Adi’s child.

Bhallas ask Ishita to think with a calm mind. Ishita puts a condition and asks them will they accept Roshni in the family, even after she delivers the baby. Raman tells Ishita that just Aaliya will be their daughter-in-law forever, but he will make sure that Roshni’s stay gets better. He wants to convince Ishita just for the sake of his mum’s happiness. Raman doesn’t argue with Ishita, which surprises her. Raman asks Ishita to let them take Roshni home. Shagun interrupts and gets into an argument, for Aaliya’s rights. Aaliya witnesses the drama and gets heartbroken. Roshni stays equally hurt, knowing she isn’t receiving any love and respect for herself, but all the attention is just for the baby. Her self-esteem gets hurt, when Bhallas treat her only as a medium to get their heir. Ishita understands Roshni’s pain. Aaliya wishes Ishita understands her too.

Raman plans a surprise for Ishita. He wants Ishita’s anger to get less. Ruhi, Pihu, Raman and everyone try to make Ishita and Roshni happy, so that they get convinced. Mrs. Bhalla is determined to get Roshni home, but Ishita doesn’t permit them. Bhallas try to change Ishita’s decision. Raman invites Ishita at a restaurant and tries to talk to her. The power goes suddenly. She gets troubled by a cockroach and asks Raman to help her. Entire Bhalla family tries to convince Roshni. Even Aaliya meets Roshni and tells her that her annoyance has ended, she also wants Roshni to come home. Aaliya shows a big heart. She assures Ishita that she will take care of Roshni. She melts her heart for Adi’s child. She wants the baby to be healthy and happy. Ishita refuses to them again and leaves from the restaurant. Raman then tries to arrange a flash mob dance for Ishita and Roshni. He cheers up Ishita and gets her approval finally. Ishita forgives the Bhallas for being so ignorant till now.


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