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    Suyyash comes across Falguni

    Muskaan has many questions related to her loving mother Aarti. Aarti hides the bitter truth from Muskaan, who assumes that Aarti lives in a happy family. Aarti is part of a brothel. She has no respect in the society. Aarti was raised by her mum’s friend Tabassum, who has dragged her in such a world. Aarti has no option that to obey Tabassum, who has done a big favor on her by protecting Muskaan’s future. Aarti gets grateful to Tabassum and her friend, who has taken care of Muskaan at the time of her birth. Aarti gets help from Mr. Sharma, who delivers her identity cards safely so that Aarti’s truth doesn’t come out. Even then, Aarti’s truth reaches the school management. Muskaan gets expelled from the school, since she is Aarti’s daughter. Aarti tries hard to save Muskaan’s smile. Aarti’s truth will take Muskaan’s future and life on a different route.


    Chandra abducts Hamilton only to make the British Officials agree to him. He sends a threatening letter to John Nott. The police devises a plan to deal with Azad. John doesn’t want to bend down in front of Azad. He asks the cops to capture Azad. Bismil meets his friends and tells them that they shall see a free nation vert soon. He has all the hopes from Azad. He regrets to part away with his friends.

    Azad doesn’t get arrested. Chandra demands the release of his friends. John doesn’t want to free anyone. He knows Hamilton’s life is in risk. He tells the cops that Azad has planned this beforehand, and now they will do anything to find Hamilton. He wants to release the letter to the press and prove Azad as a wrong figure. He wants to find away to fail Chandra. Chandra shows his humanity by feeding Hamilton.

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

    Raman and Ishita head ahead on their journey by walk to know if they can seek any help. They meet a milk man who gets ready to help by lending their cycle. Raman hits Ishita by his funny jokes and asks the man to help them find some transport. Raman tells him that he doesn’t know riding a cycle. Ishita asks Raman to ride the cycle carefully. The man helps them by carrying their luggage. Raman and Ishita have a cycle ride and have their usual arguments going on to entertain each other. They finally reach a hotel and learn that the same milk man is the lodge owner. The man gives them a room. He gets happy seeing their cute arguments and asks them to carry on entertaining him. Raman and Ishita get the same room. Raman asks for a separate room.

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

    The ladies in the local train bring Kartik and Naira together. They sing a romantic song and dance with the love birds. Kartik wants to avoid Naira. Kartik and Naira recall their old love moments and get more troubled. Kartik and Naira have a sweet moment, all thanks to their co-passengers. Kartik develops anger because of Shubham’s incident. He sees Tanvi in the same train, and doesn’t want her to know about his relation with Naira. He does a risky act by jumping from the train. Naira is left stunned. She panics for his life. The ladies stop Naira and tell her about Kartik’s wrong move. On the other hand, Kirti fulfills the order and delivers on time. Suwarna tells Kirti that someone from Singhania family has spoken rudely to the delivery guys.

    Mariam Khan – Reporting LIVE:

    Everyone worries for Mariam, who doesn’t turn up home after the school hours. They try to find her. Majaaz assures Madiha that he will get Mariam home. Mariam comes home too late, which angers the family. Madiha scolds Mariam for making them worry. She then locks up Mariam. Mariam gets house arrested because of her mistake. Zain develops a liking for Mahira. He tries to know about more and meets Mariam. He befriends little Mariam and asks her about Mahira. Mariam learns about Zain and Fawad’s bond. Zain visits Mariam’s home and gives her the developed photos from Majaaz’s camera. She gets glad and tells him everything about her family.


    Rishabh’s dog Disco reveals his crime. Shivay tells Rishabh that they understand how he has planned Rakesh’s murder. Oberois scold Rishabh for killing his brother for the sake of money. Rishabh expresses his hatred for his brother, who was much loved by their parents. He didn’t wish to take care of ill Rakesh. He tells them that he had to think about himself, so he had killed Rakesh in an accidental way to reap the profits from the insurance company. He reveals that he has trained Disco to kill Rakesh. Bhavya gets him arrested. Rishabh tells them that he has done this for money, as money is the ultimate thing in the world. Shivay tells him that money isn’t important than relations. Rishabh tells them that money will break their brotherly love as well. Shivay takes his warning light and sends him out of his sight.

    Mayavi Maling:

    Chegu tells Maharaj Shil Aditya that he can attack on Angad once again. Angad meets Mahara Shil Aditya and finds him with Chegu. He gets a shock and asks Maharaj Shil Aditya the reason for supporting Chegu. Chegu doesn’t leave the golden opportunity and uses his powers to attack Angad again. He makes Angad run for his life. Angad gets provoked by Chegu. He doesn’t lose his aim and keeps his cool. He tells Chegu that he is ready for the battle. He asks Chegu to use his powers as much as he wants. Chegu and Angad have a sword fight. They both show up their skills. Madhumali witnesses the fight between a Dev Vanshi and Daanav Vanshi. Angad loses out when Chegu attacks him with his powers. Angad gets Madhumali to defend him. She gets helpless to use her demonic powers and save herself. She gets exposed in front of Maling Rajya. She turns speechless to answer Maharaj Shil Aditya.



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