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Jiji Maa:
Uttara plays a new trick to confirm Lazer’s death. Falguni acts smart and fails Uttara’s trick. Her truth doesn’t come out. Uttara asks Balwant to dig up the ground and check if Lazer’s body in inside. Balwant digs the ground. Balwant tells Uttara that police may come and they may fall in trouble, the dead body isn’t here. Uttara asks him to say the truth, if he buried Lazer’s dead body or not. Lazer ends Uttara’s doubt by getting back inside the grave. She plays the police siren and distracts them. She then lies inside the pit. Balwant tells Uttara that they should run away now, as they have confirmed Lazer’s death.

Uttara asks Balwant to settle the soil. After Uttara goes, Balwant helps Lazer leave from there. Falguni has joined hands with Balwant. She threatens Balwant to get him punished if he cheats her. He tells her that he will not work for Uttara again. Uttara will try to fail Falguni by her next move.


Obros shockingly get hit by the stones. Some people pelt stones at them and vent out anger. Shivay calls up Khanna. The security guards try to save the Obros, but fail. Anika asks Shivay what’s happening, who are throwing the stones and why. Shivay asks her to go inside, she will get hurt. Gauri and Bhavya too get in between to save their husbands. Bhavya tells them that she will handle the matter. She goes to call the police team. Obros want their wives to be safe. Shivay asks the women to step back, else they will get injured as well. He asks the people to stop hitting stones and talk out the matter. The people appear as goons to them, who create a scene.

Tu Aashiqui:

Sheetal tries to tell Ahaan and Pankti about JD. Reyansh sticks to Sheetal to know if she is hiding something. He feels she is talking something and has something else in her mind. He spies on her and finds her behavior odd. Sheetal asks Reyansh to leave, she will manage her return. Reyansh tells her that he would drop her home. Ahaan and Pankti get a message from Sheetal, who asks them to meet at home for an important meet. Reyansh wonders if Sheetal is planning something against him. Sheetal plans to expose JD in front of the family.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Raman organizes a flash mob and brings a smile on Ishita’s face. Bhallas succeed to convince Ishita for Roshni’s baby shower ceremony in Bhalla house. Roshni too gets happy with Bhallas’ love shower. Ishita finds the surprise very sweet. Bhallas prove that they are also interested in Roshni, not just the child. Roshni knows Bhallas won’t accept her. She falls in their cute trap. Raman has danced to convince Ishita, which comes as a big pleasant surprise for her. They together plan the baby shower ceremony. They get happy that they will be turning into grand parents.

Ishq Mein Marjawa:
Tara got free from the jail. She has no money to get food. She manages to get some money. She then buys clothes for herself and gets Aarohi’s avatar. Tara sees the wanted posters and gets angry. She hides her face and leaves from there. She doesn’t want anyone to see her. She buys the knives to kill people. Police sees her buying some knives in the market and doubts that she is Tara. Police arrests her. Danny reaches there and tells the inspector that she is Aarohi. He drops her to Raichand house. He assumes Tara to be Aarohi. He has saved her from the jail. Tara loses her temper in anger and troubles Deep. She lives with her family again. Tara hurts Deep and gets revengeful. Deep gets troubled.

Piyaa Albela:

Naren and Angraj find Supriya annoyed with them. They sing a lovely song for their mum and make her emotional. They finally convince her and bring a smile on her face. She gets glad to see a good bond of love between her sons. They have a happy moment. Naren celebrates his togetherness with the family. Pooja worries seeing Angraj’s cleverness. Dada ji’s dream for a united family gets fulfilled. Pooja waits for Naren. The women celebrate Karwachauth fast with their husbands. Naren breaks Pooja’s fast and gifts her.

Nimki Mukhiya:
Abhimanyu battles for his life. Nimki learns that the doctors needs medicines to save his life. The doctor asks her to hurry up while they treat Abhimanyu. She calls up Babbu to take his help. Babbu gets drunk and celebrates with his friends. He disconnects her call when she asks him to help her arranging medicines for Abhimanyu. She gets disheartened seeing the hopes ending. She pledges to get the medicines for Abhimanyu and save his life. She breaks inside a pharmacy to get the medicines.

Meri Hanikarak Biwi:

Akhilesh hides his feelings from Ira. She feels guilty to cheat him. Akhilesh then spies on Ira, and finds her talking to someone. He catches a person and scolds her for impregnating Ira. Devina and Pushpa witness the shocking drama. They learn about Akhilesh’s suspicion on the man, which proves that Akhilesh didn’t father Ira’s child. Devina creates a big scene and accuses Ira for having an extra marital affair. She asks Ira about the father of the child. Ira gets humiliated in front of everyone. She gets speechless to reveal the child’s name. Akhilesh’s doing proves to Pushpa that Ira has really cheated them. He didn’t wish Ira to get trapped this way. Everyone demands an answer from Ira.


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