Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Raman to get robbed; Ishita comes to his rescue

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Raman and Ishita head ahead on their journey by walk to know if they can seek any help. They meet a milk man who gets ready to help by lending their cycle. Raman hits Ishita by his funny jokes and asks the man to help them find some transport. Raman tells him that he doesn’t know riding a cycle. Ishita asks Raman to ride the cycle carefully. The man helps them by carrying their luggage. Raman and Ishita have a cycle ride and have their usual arguments going on to entertain each other. They finally reach a hotel and learn that the same milk man is the lodge owner. The man gives them a room. He gets happy seeing their cute arguments and asks them to carry on entertaining him. Raman and Ishita get the same room. Raman asks for a separate room.

He tells the man that he can’t share the room. The man asks them to patch up and end their fight, since he has no option of another room. Ishita asks Raman to leave if he has a problem with her. Raman meets a lady and asks her to help him in making his wife jealous. He offers her money for the drama. He tells her that its necessary for him to make Ishita away. The lady acts innocent in front of her.

Aaliya meets Mrs. Sharma’s son Aryan for the alliance talk. He tells her that he resides in US and wants their future there. She clears out that she isn’t ready for marriage. He gets happy as he doesn’t want to settle down now. He tells her that their thinking matches in this regard. They get a relief as their parents won’t compel them for marriage. Raman and the lady act as friends to turn Ishita jealous. Ishita gets angry and leaves the room. Raman thanks the lady and asks her to leave, since Ishita has gone.

Ishita returns to the room and gets a huge shock on finding Raman robbed. She laughs on Raman. She tells him that the lady has done the right thing to rob him. Raman stays tied up and gets angry on her, while she irritates him more and clicks a selfie with him. She tells him that she can’t help him, as he doesn’t want to see her around. She promises that she won’t trouble him and not come in his sight. He requests her to free him. Ishita thinks to inform Ruhi that she is fine.

Pihu gets tensed about Raman and Ishita’s safety. Ruhi asks her to stay in peace, as they would be fine. Pihu asks her to call them and talk. Ishita accepts Raman’s request and helps him. She talks to Ruhi and Pihu and ends their worries.

Ishita tells them that they are staying at a lodge. She leaves Raman stuck. Ruhi informs Ishita that Roshni was feeling unwell, but she reached her on time to look after her. Ishita gets grateful to her. Raman tells her that her bag is missing, everything is stolen, she lost her cards and money too. She tells him that she has her card and she will manage the expenses. He tells her that the lady mixed something in the tea. Ishita complains about the lady to the hotel owner. She asks him to check the workers’ background first. He refuses to know anything about staff. She enjoys seeing Raman without his shirt. He asks her to know the problem, as someone has looted them. Raman gets a ladies’ kurta to wear as the last option. Ishita gets laughing on his state.


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