Ishqbaaz: Shivay’s rescue task to invite more trouble for all


Khanna gets punished for eloping and marrying. Mitali’s family torture him and tie him up. They want to kill him for their honor’s sake. They decide to get Mitali remarried to the guy of their choice. Khanna struggles to get free. Mitali’s family men tell him that they have arranged everything to kill him. Obros rush to find Khanna and try to reach him by using the tracker. Shivay tells Omkara that he was always connected to Khanna. He asks Omkara to track Khanna and then guide him the address. Obahus also rush to meet Mitali and her family, so that they can talk over and convince them to spare Khanna’s life. Anika and Bhavya get the address of Mitali’s house by getting the car details. Shivay tells Omkara that Khanna is surely in danger, since the tracker is at the same point. He drives faster to reach Khanna sooner.

Elsewhere, Anika makes a plan to take a disguise and enter Mitali’s house. She tells them that they can’t create more troubles for Khanna. Obros reach the place where the dangerous men have buried Khanna alive. Shivay calls up Khanna in an attempt to know about him. He didn’t imagine Khanna would be buried. Obahus take a disguise and reach Mitali’s house with confidence that no one can identify them now. They turn into village women and adapt to the situation. They try to meet Mitali. The guard suspects them and asks them to reveal their identity. Anika lies to him that they are dancers, they have come with the dhol artists. Mitali’s brother misses to catch them. Shivay calls Khanna repeatedly and follows the tone.

Omkara tells Shivay that maybe they are fooling them by throwing Khanna’s phone around. Shivay feels Khanna is still close. Anika tells Gauri and Bhavya that they will have to do something big to distract everyone and get Mitali with them. Rudra gets tired and rests on the ground. He gets to hear the sound coming from underneath. He tells them about the mobile ringtone sound echoing. They check for Khanna by digging the ground.

Shivay rescues Khanna’s life. Shivay assures him that they will rescue Mitali as well. Anika does a drama and tells everyone that they should not spare Khanna. She sends out the ladies and tries to meet Mitali. Mitali requests Obahus to help her and save her from the unwanted marriage. Anika tells her that they are Oberoi bahus, who have come to help her.

Mitali tells them that she knows them well, as Khanna has shown their pictures before. They find a way to escape. Mitali’s family looks for her. They decide to kill Oberois who have dared to kidnap Mitali. Shivay gets informed that Anika has got Mitali with her. He asks her to reach the place where he guides her, so that they can make a quick move to the city from there. Anika calls up Shivay to stop him from reaching them, after sensing the danger. He doesn’t answer and reaches the village. They get trapped by Mitali’s family.

Khanna gets caught up again. Obros and Obahus also get trapped this time. Mitali’s brother scolds her for the deceive. He threatens of killing Khanna and Mitali and ending the matter for once and all. Oberois get helpless to watch the heinous crime. They try hard to stop the evil man from committing the murders. Shivay loses his temper and takes a step to save Khanna’s life and love.


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