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    Suyyash comes across Falguni

    Mariam Khan – Reporting LIVE:
    Mariam and her family have a Iftaar function. The ladies cook delicious things. Aijaz feels hungry seeing the delicacies. They all wait for the Iftaar time. Mariam also keeps the fast with elders. She happily keeps the fast. She shows her tolerance towards hunger. She doesn’t care for the special dishes prepared by Meher. Everyone praises Mariam for behaving well. Meher tells Mariam that she is planning a donation fest in the school. Mahira likes the idea. They want to help the poor students. They are sure that the charity will be a good move. All the families will be meeting in the fest. Zain gets mistaken that Mahira is Meher, the good natured sister of Mariam. He falls in love with Mahira.

    Krishna Chali London:
    Radhe wants to make new relation with his in-laws. Radhe wants a way to win Krishna’s heart. He thinks if he pleases her family, she will like him. Radhe meets the buffalo Rajjo. He falls in the cow dung. Kaka helps him out. He tells him that Rajjo doesn’t listen to everyone. Radhe tells Kaka that he will extract the milk, he has a charm that everyone bonds with him. He talks to the buffalo sweetly and tells Rajjo that she is like his relative. He befriends Rajjo and gets the milk. Kaka gets surprised seeing his talent. Radhe tells him that everyone who meets him, likes him. He asks him not to sell the buffalo to anyone. He says I will buy the buffalo the double rate and take it with me, as its a matter of love. He wants to surprise Krishna. He wants Krishna to have milk tea made at home. He cares for her happiness. He is rich and doesn’t care for money.

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

    Raman gets helpless to wear a ladies kurti. Ishita gets laughing on his silly look. The man tells them that they can pay him the money later. He arranges a mechanic for their car repair. Ishita tells them that they would leave now. Ishita and Raman get the car repaired. They decide to go back to Delhi, as the meeting appointment got missed. The lodge owner asks them to visit again. Raman gets enough from the single trip. He can’t forget how he was robbed. Ishita informs Ruhi that she is coming back home. Ruhi then informs Roshni about Ishita. Roshni gets cravings and wishes to have the jackfruit dish. Ruhi tells her that she will get food for her. Mrs. Bhalla then realizes that they should have Adi’s child with them. She shows concern for Roshni, which surprises Ruhi.

    Saam Daam Dand Bhed:
    Bulbul saves Aaliya’s life. She gets Aaliya home and hides her. She takes care of Aaliya. Aaliya likes Bulbul and tells her that she wants to go to her aunt, who loves her more than her mum. Bulbul asks her the address, so that she can drop her there. She asks Aaliya to have snacks and rethink about the correct address again. Aaliya is safe in Bulbul’s house. Nobody knows that Aaliya is living with her. Aaliya’s parents reach there to find Aaliya. They don’t find Aaliya, since Bulbul hurriedly drops her at her aunt’s house. Bulbul and Vijay will be opposing Aaliya’s parents.


    Khanna gets punished for eloping and marrying. Mitali’s family torture him and tie him up. They want to kill him for their honor’s sake. They decide to get Mitali remarried to the guy of their choice. Khanna struggles to get free. Mitali’s family men tell him that they have arranged everything to kill him. Obros rush to find Khanna and try to reach him by using the tracker. Shivay tells Omkara that he was always connected to Khanna. He asks Omkara to track Khanna and then guide him the address. Obahus also rush to meet Mitali and her family, so that they can talk over and convince them to spare Khanna’s life. Anika and Bhavya get the address of Mitali’s house by getting the car details. Shivay tells Omkara that Khanna is surely in danger, since the tracker is at the same point. He drives faster to reach Khanna sooner.

    Jiji Maa:

    Falguni gifts a photo collage to Suyash, which freshens the memories in his mind. He gets happy for a while and thinks of his anger over Falguni’s cheat. She assumes their relations will get fine. He vents out anger by throwing the photo break. He shatters her gift and also her feelings. She cries seeing his hatred. Suyash gets upset with her. He doesn’t want her to stay with him in the same room. Falguni compels Uttara to make her relations fine with Suyash and Niyati. Uttara laughs on her wishes. Falguni blackmails her about Lazer’s murder video. She asks Uttara to make her way to Suyash’s heart. Uttara unwillingly agrees to her. She talks to Suyash and asks him to move on in live with Falguni, rather than hurting himself by holding the past. Falguni seeks her help to get back in Suyash’s room.

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

    Kartik and Naira have a cute moment in the library. Kartik asks her not to pull his hair and take revenge. She tells him that she would have not spared him if she decided such. The broker shows the flat to Suwarna and asks her to decide soon. She fails to see Naitik in the background, when he celebrates Naira’s admission and distributes the sweets to the neighbors. Manish learns about the same apartment Suwarna is selecting for Kartik and gets happy that destiny is defining Kartik and Naira’s union again. Naksh doesn’t wish to talk to Naira, though he misses her. Kirti gets upset thinking about the past. Naksh doesn’t want to plan a child soon. Kirti wants his decision to change. Naitik consoles Kirti. He understands Naksh’s annoyance with him and Naira.

    Mayavi Maling:

    Angad tells Maharaj Shil Aditya that Lord should punish Madhumali. Madhumali’s verdict is awaited by everyone. She gets angry that her son Angad cheated her. She criticizes him for his wrong move. Garima tells the family that Angad is wrong, he is evil, he has stained Pranali’s character and also asked them to punish his mother. The family believes Angad is not at fault, as he was under the influence of black magic of Madhumali. Maharaj Shil Aditya gets to hear mixed opinions about Angad. He wants to delay the decision, as he can’t judge Angad so soon. He doesn’t want to take any big risk for Maling by accepting Angad. Pranali refuses to marry Angad. She doesn’t believe Angad. He feels Angad is plotting something. Angad reaches them and clarifies their doubts.


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