Udaan: Vivaan to capture-torture Imli to even scores


Imli has got exposed in front of Suraj and entire family. Chakor and Vivaan have finally proved it that Imli is really alive, and they weren’t mad to just believe her existence. Suraj feels deeply sorry for not trusting Chakor before. He apologizes to her for insulting their love this way by not keeping the marriage vows. He asks Chakor to forgive him once, he will not spare Imli and not let her enter their lives. He promises to secure Chakor, Saanvi and their family. Suraj and Chakor spend some time in sorting their differences, while Vivaan heads to Imli to teach her a lesson. He thinks the time has come when he has to settle scores with his wife.

Vivaan captures Imli, after Suraj faints her down. He ties up Imli so that she doesn’t play smart again. He scolds Imli and reminds her the tortures she has posed on him. He threatens her to see fear on her face. She cries out and tells him that she has always loved him. She apologizes to him and begs him to forgive her. Vivaan doesn’t want to forgive her. He holds her responsible for his long traumatic stay in the dark cell. He asks her not to make fun of a pure relation like love. He tells her that Chakor and Suraj’s love is true. He praises Chakor and makes her realize her flaws. She asks him to give her another chance. He says I have been waiting for this moment since seven years, don’t anger me more by cooking up a fake story.

He throws water on her face and tortures her. He tells her that he will treat her the same way as she treated him, she has sown hatred and now she will reap hatred. He gives her a warning. He shouts on her and gets angry that she turned his life into a hell, when he loved her and believed her so much. Vivaan tells her that no one can believe her now, after all she is a clever woman who cheats everyone. He thinks she has troubled him a lot. He feels she should be killed, that would be better for everyone.

Vivaan points the gun at Imli. He doesn’t want to spare her life. He tells her that he was finding her crazily just to kill her. Suraj reaches there and asks Vivaan not to shoot Imli. He stops Vivaan from committing the crime. They both struggle to snatch the gun. Imli asks Suraj to save her life. Suraj asks Vivaan not to be mad. Vivaan tells her that its his life’s aim to kill Imli, and he won’t step back. Imli fears for her life when the bullet gets shot.


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