Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: A hidden enemy plans an attack on Roshni


Parmeet plans to kill Roshni’s baby. Roshni doesn’t realize the trap. She slips on the floor because of the marbles. She gets saved by Shagun. She tensely informs Ishita about the incident. Raman asks Pihu not to leave marbles on the floor after playing. Pihu tells her that she didn’t play marbles since long. He then scolds Neelu. He doubts on Simmi and Parmeet. Raman tells Parmeet that its a big day for them, if he does anything to ruin their happiness, he won’t be spared. Roshni stays unharmed.

Later, Ishita finds the swing’s bolt removed. She shows the nut to Raman and asks him about it. She makes Roshni away from the swing, which could have fallen any time. Raman scolds the person responsible for the arrangements.

Mrs. Bhalla is very happy that she will be seeing Adi’s child. Raman then gets the sweets box, which got exchanged by someone. Raman goes to feed the sweets to Roshni and finds fungus in it. He wonders who is plotting the bad omens for Roshni. Raman and Ishita make sure that the rituals are carried out well. They bless Roshni. Everyone gifts Roshni and showers blessings. Raman and Ishita learn about the woman who has come as a mehendi artist. They suspect on that woman and look for her. Who is attempting to kill Roshni’s baby? Keep reading.


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