Jiji Maa: Falguni determines to amend her nuptial bond


Uttara finds a new way to deal with Falguni. She decides to kidnap Niyati so that she can make Falguni turn into her puppet once again. Uttara gets confident that she will get Falguni’s weakness in her hands again. She calls up her loyal goons and gives the task of kidnapping her daughter-in-law Niyati. Niyati goes out of the house to shoot some videos for her channel. The threat follows her.

On the other hand, Falguni tries to end the distance between Suyash and her. She plays a romantic song an reminds him their past, which compels Suyash to dance with her. Their romantic moment soon breaks and spills out his hatred to her. Falguni doesn’t lose hope. She gets determined to prove her truth. Niyati gets chased by the goons. She informs Falguni that her life is in danger.

Falguni reaches Niyati in time and gives a tough reply to the goons by beating them red and blue. She then falls in trouble when one of the goon injures her. Thankfully, Suyash comes to her rescue. He gets upset that she didn’t wish to call him for help. Suyash gets Falguni treated at the hospital. He gets her home and also gives her a place in his room, which shocks Uttara. Uttara turns angry that Falguni and Niyati got saved. Her plan backfires and brings Falguni closer to Suyash. Suyash feels his responsibility towards Falguni and looks after her. They have a moment. Falguni is sure to melt his heart and amend her relation.


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