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Suraj, Chakor, and Vivaan take Imli to the police station. Imli tries to divide them by her policies. They show their unity and don’t care for her words. Chakor wants Imli to get punished for her crime. She tells Imli that she will land at the right place where she deserves to be. Imli fails to succeed in her conspiracies. Some cars overtake their car and tries to trap. The goons put some smoke can in their car. Chakor feels its Imli’s plan. Imli tells them that its not her plan. They all faint by the smoke. They get captive by their new enemy.

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka:
Rajdeep misbehaves with Mauli. Mauli learns his evil intentions and slaps him. Nandini witnesses the problem. Mauli asks Nandini to come with her. Nandini refuses and chooses Rajdeep. She goes against Mauli.

Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala:
Sikandar invites his Guru ji home and celebrates Eid with Kulfi and Amyra. Guru ji teaches singing to Amyra and Kulfi. Kulfi’s voice impresses Sikandar and Guru ji. Kulfi gets blessings from Guru ji. Lovely doesn’t like the happening. Sikandar gets glad with the melodious jam with Kulfi, Guru ji and him. Sikandar turns surprised that Kulfi has sung a tough song, which he didn’t expect. Guru ji praises Kulfi, as she is gifted with musical talents. Sikandar sings from heart for his daughter. He waits for Mahendar to return with the information about his daughter. He vents out his guilt and sorrow through his song. Sikandar takes Amyra and Kulfi out to teach them singing through the beautiful sounds of nature. Sikandar asks Amyra not to get jealousy in her mind again. He knows Amyra will change with time. He turns emotional when its about Kulfi.

Sameer and his mum face misfortune after throwing out Soumya out of the face. Sameer’s mum finds Soumya and kidnaps her. She tells Soumya that she has realized Soumya is good luck for them and doesn’t want Soumya to go away. She asks Soumya to come back home and stay with them. Soumya refuses to her. Sameer calls his mum to know her whereabouts. She hides about the kidnapping from him. She is sure that everything will get better if Soumya returns with her. Sameer has no idea about his mum’s mistake. Soumya thinks of seeking help from Sameer, who would not support his mum in kidnapping. Sameer’s mum stops Soumya from reaching to him and ties her up.

Krishna Chali London:
Krishna gets emotional when she has to leave from her home after Pagphere. Krishna loves her family a lot. Dubey blesses her. Krishna feels she is unlucky to get such bad in-laws. Radhe scolds Krishna. He tells her that he has dreamt to have a bike and take her on a ride, it was his childhood dream, but he didn’t get the bike. Krishna gets worried when he acts strange. Shukla shows off his educated bahu to everyone. He tells her that he has got the giant globe so that she can answer everyone and get their family respect. Krishna finds them totally crazy. She gets frustrated and holds everything within.

Vivaan declares that he will marry Meera again. He feels Meera is helping Pammi in her plans. He wants Pammi to come in the wedding, so that he can catch her. He gets clothes for Meera. Meera doesn’t accept the gift. They have attitude. They get into a moment. After Vivaan gets shot, he asks Meera to stay away from him. He doesn’t believe her either. Meera cries seeing him in pain. Vivaan creates a scene at home. Roma succeeds in creating misunderstanding between Vivaan and Meera. Meera asks Vivaan to kill her if he doesn’t trust her, if he really feels she is with Pammi and cheating him. She clears out to him that Pammi isn’t wishing bad for him.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:
Naira worries for Naitik. She scolds him for coming to college to give her ID card. She didn’t wish Naitik to fall in trouble. Naitik knows about Kartik now.

Mariam Khan – Reporting LIVE:
Mariam plays hide and seek with Lallu. Majaaz stays tensed about his press. He does his work with all the sincerity and wishes the press doesn’t see a bad day. Madiha goes for shopping for the family. The family enjoys a good time in Ramadan.


Shivay and Anika have an argument. Anika writes down the negative points about Shivay. Shivay reads the letter and gets upset. He asks her is he really arrogant, rude, money-minded, egoistic, ill-mannered and a bad singer. He asks her does she really think so about him, does she think he still cares for name, blood and lineage. He clears that he isn’t short-tempered and isn’t breaking phones often these days. He tells her that she has vented out all her frustration in the letter. She asks him to the positive points as well. He tells her that she just mentioned two things, that he loves his family and that he has blue eyes. Anika tells him that she loves him a lot. She hugs him.

Siddhi Vinayak:
Siddhi gets kidnapped. She succeeds to record an audio message and send to Vin. She hopes that Vin in come and saves her life. The poisonous smoke fills in the room. She fails to free herself. Vin gets her message and gets restless knowing her life is in danger. Vin rushes to save her. He reaches the address sent by her and looks for her, hoping he didn’t get late.

Meri Hanikarak Biwi:
Akhilesh gets happy with his terms with Devina and her children get better. He gets acceptance from Bhoomi, who really realizes his concern as a brother. She calls him the world’s best brother, since he has saved her life and future from evil Karan. Akhilesh hopes that family will come together soon. Akhilesh thanks Ira for her support. He decides to complete his due task and propose Ira with love. He arranges a surprise for Ira once again. Ira gets to see the torn love letters written by Akhilesh and asks him about it. He lies to her and plans a romantic date with her.


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