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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:
Ishita applies mehendi to Roshni. Bhallas family get happy to celebrate Roshni’s baby shower ceremony. Ruhi asks Ishita to apply mehendi to her hands. She asks Raman to get snacks for Ishita. Ishita refuses to have it. They argue. She tells him that she doesn’t trust him that he will feed her something right, it can be a prank. He says the point is you are scared of me. Ishita tells him that she is not scared of him ever. He tells her that he knows it well, she is scared, else she would have eaten the snacks. Ruhi stops Ishita and tells Raman that Ishita isn’t scared of anyone. She throws the challenge and asks them to dance to prove that they aren’t scared of each other. Ishita refuses again.

Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai:
Siddhant is inducted as board of director in the Reddy Corporation Limited. He aims to get justice for his father Prabhakar and take revenge from KK. He tries to break friendship with Sweety for his good, but Sweety tells him that she will always be with him. She gives him idea to enquire about KK’s past crimes and tells that it can’t be true that he is a clean chit guy. Siddhant decides to dig KK’s past life so that he can get some proofs against him. He waits for a chance to attack KK.

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Kundali Bhagya:
Sherlyn wants to end the unity between Karan and Rishabh after the latter shows trust on Karan over her. Meawhile, Karan and Shrishta plan to expose Sherlyn and Prithvi’s affair before everyone. They want to save both Preeta and Rishabh and stop their respective marriages. Karan will get the diary/slam book which Sherlyn writes every day and comes to know about her affair with Prithvi. He thinks to use the book and expose Sherlyn.

Ishq SubhanAllah:
Kabeeer and Zara’s cute banters will be seen. Kabeer wants to ensure that Zara is fine. He doesn’t want Ruksar to harm Zara. Zara gets surprised with Kabeer’s romantic gesture. He offers her lift. He tells her that he will drop her wherever she wants to go. She tells him that she doesn’t accept lift from strangers. They flirt like they don’t know each other. Kabeer then ends the drama and takes Zara along. Their happiness will be short-lived as Ruksar will plot to marry Kabeer.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:
Kunal teases Naira. He then tries to get friendly with her. He also comments on Kartik. Kartik turns jealous. Kunal and Kushal have an arm wrestling match. Kartik comes ahead to interfere and show off his cool side. Kunal challenges Kartik for an arm wrestling fight. Kartik asks Kunal if he is an expert. He doesn’t get back and accepts the challenge. Kartik wins the challenge by defeating Kunal. Naira gets happy with Kartik’s win. She then controls her happiness. Kartik wants to prove that he can’t tolerate Naira talking to anyone. He shows her that he is still waiting for her, at the same point she left him. Naira doesn’t want anyone to know Kartik and her relation. Naira thinks if the students know that Kartik is her husband, it will be bad.

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai:
Naina and Sameer are caught with their own dilemma and complex. Naina’s visit to beauty parlor has turned into a bad nightmare, as her eyebrow gets slightly cut while the parlor lady does the threading. She gets embarrassed and doesn’t want to face Sameer. She manages to hide her eye brows from everyone at home by making excuse. She tells Preeti that she will not go to college and can’t face Sameer until it grows back to normal. Even Sameer is tensed, as he gets a bruise while trying to shave his cheeks to get a beard. He thinks he can’t face Naina with a cut on his face and wears muffler to hide it.

Kumkum Bhagya:
Kiara pacifies both her parents, Abhi and Pragya at two different places. Abhi thinks Pragya has done wrong and gone away from him while Pragya thinks that all this is happening because of Abhi as he is the one who kicked her out of his life. Later, Abhi goes to Kiara’s school. Kiara kisses on his forehead to cheer him as she regards him as her father. Pragya comes to the school. Kiara sees Pragya and asks Abhi to hide. She tells that her mum asked her not to talk to strangers. Abhi says we are not strangers. Kiara says my mum doesn’t know you so she will scold him for kissing a stranger. Abhi tells her that he will not tell her mum that she kissed him and insists to meet her. Pragya looks for Kiara.

Bitti Business Wali:

Bitti opens the shop and waits for customers to buy the stuff. Abhishek buys stuff worth 300 Rs. Bittu’s first day in the shop is not that good. She comes back home. Virender asks him about her day’s earnings. She shows Rs. 450. He scolds her and asks if she could get Rs 150 after Abhishek brought the things from the shop. He reminds her of Gupta ji incident and tells that if she doesn’t pay interest to Laddo Singh then he will not spare her. Bitti gets tensed. Sukhi mama gets skeptical about Abhishek’s good behavior.

Piyaa Albela:
Angraj proves in front of Rahul and Surbhi that Naren wants to kill Hardik’s entire family. Rahul and Surbhi hear in Naren’s voice when someone tells that nobody shall be saved from rapist family. Angraj instigates Rahul to kill Naren. Rahul falls into his trap. Anuj comes to Pooja birthday party. Angraj will kill him. He thinks his plan will work if Rahul kills Naren. Naren and Pooja are clueless about the conspiracy. They reach the party venue.


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