Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Naira to fight with her inner dilemmas

Kartik and Naira express love

There is a hit and miss at the building compound between Naitik and Kartik. Naitik misses Naira too. He thinks of going her college to give her the ID card. Naira takes a taxi and leaves for college. The guard stops her and doesn’t let her enter the college without the ID. Naira wishes she gets an entry and goes to the class on time. Kartik thinks to see Naira if she comes late, as he will get a chance to scold her. Naitik reaches the college and gives her ID card. Naitik sends her to the class. He gets a huge shock on seeing Kartik with the Dean. He understands Naira’s dilemma over the college. He feels bad that he couldn’t know the problem Naira is facing in college.

Kartik takes the class. He gets surprised on finding Naira before him. He then poses questions on Naira. She answers him well. He then asks her to answer further, as she claims to have all the answers. Naira doesn’t excuse herself and runs out of the class when she gets a message regarding Naitik. She meets Naitik and finds him in semi-conscious state. She asks him what happened to him. She doesn’t want to take any risk about him. She takes him to the doctor. She asks him not to take stress again. He understands her emotional conflict.

Surekha gets upset that all her plans got cancelled because of Suwarna. Akhilesh feels Surekha is right, as Dadi is not contacting the family for days. Manish tells him that they should contact Kartik. Suwarna tells him that Kirti may talk to Dadi, Kartik is busy in his work. She then assures of talking to Dadi and setting things fine. Naira gets relieved when Naitik gets stable. She asks Naitik not to take any tensions and focus on his health. She feels bad that he is living alone because of her. She says Naksh was right, I should have not taken you so far, you needed the family with you. Suwarna calls up Kirti and tells about Dadi’s upset behavior. She tells her that Manish is also trying to know about Dadi’s return. Kirti asks Suwarna if she is fine.

Suwarna tells her that she is wishing to go to Kartik. Kirti feels bad that Suwarna is just worrying for Kartik. Suwarna understands that Kirti is feeling lonely. Manish asks Suwarna to express her love and care for Kirti. Kartik complains to the Dean about Naira’s misbehavior to leave the class without any reason. Dean calls Naira and scolds her for leaving the class without any excuse. She asks the Dean to take any action against her. Kartik asks her not to attend his class for the entire session. Naira agrees. She doesn’t tell about Naitik. Dean feels Naira has any genuine reason which they should ask her again. Kartik tells the Dean that he can’t forgive her as she isn’t accepting her mistake in her ego. Kartik reaches home and learns about Naitik’s illness. Kritika tells him a lot about her family and Naira’s family. Kartik realizes that Naira had a right reason to leass the class. He feels guilty. Kunal learns Naira and Kartik’s relation.


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