Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka: Kunal-Mauli’s companionship to impress Nandini

A short leap to bring twists in Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka

Kunal sees Nandini’s picture with Mauli in the drawer and recalls she is the same woman whom he had rescued that day from an accident. He recalls Nandini lying to him about her injury and introducing herself as Mrs. Rajdeep Thakur. He thinks Mauli will feel bad for her friend and thinks to tell her as soon as possible. Later, he tells Mauli that the girl Anamika he had saved that day was not a stranger. He says this is the same Nandini whom I have saved from the truck on the Goa highway. Mauli gets shocked. Kunal asks Mauli if she knows Rajdeep. She recalls slapping Rajdeep. Rajdeep calls Lawyer and asks him to get the divorce papers ready. Nandini is shocked. Mauli tells Kunal that she wants to meet Nandini.

Rajdeep tortures Nandini again. He forces her to sell the perfume in the mall shop. He tells her that he will know the value of money if she earns some herself. Nandini takes a disguise and covers her face by the veil. Kunal buys a perfume for Mauli. Nandini learns his love for his wife and finds him a nice man.

Kunal makes Mauli meet Nandini and surprises her. Mauli wants to return the favor and buy a gift for Kunal. They go to the shopping mall and buy some gifts. Mauli and Nandini have a new start of their friendship. Mauli meets Nndini after many years and can’t express her happiness. Nadnini gives her a gift and ends all their differences. Kunal has sorted their misunderstandings. Kunal and Mauli meet Nandini and Rajdeep at the mall. Nandini sees Mauli and Kunal’s bonding and misses such a life partner in her life.

Rajdeep and Kunal also have a friendly bond. Rajdeep tells about his business and how he grabs deals to get commission. Rajdeep then gets irks when Kunal dismisses his business deal. Kunal doesn’t want to support illegal work or corruption. He refuses to Rajdeep’s plans. Rajdeep tells Kunal that he will just leave, he isn’t interested to talk further. He takes Nandini along. Kunal finds Rajdeep strange. Nandini likes Kunal who is an ideal husband for Mauli. Mauli gets very happy that Kunal helped her in meeting her friend again.


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