TR’s Top Spoilers of the Day

TGI Friday 7 Upcoming Telly Hits 28th June 2019

Jiji Maa:
Suyash and Gayatri happen to see an old photo album. She cherishes his childhood moments. She asks him about his equations with Falguni. He tells her that he has forgiven Falguni and is trying to make his relation better. She gets glad to know that he is happy with Falguni. Falguni runs out of the house to take Lazer’s disguise and fool Uttara with the help of Balwaan. She succeeds to reach the place in time and lies in the grave to fool Uttara. She confuses Uttara. Uttara then believes that Falguni isn’t Lazer. Suyash asks Niyati about Falguni. Niyati tells him that Falguni has gone to meet Zeenat. Suyash plans a surprise for Falguni, so that they can make a new beginning with love. On the other hand, Uttara comes up with a surprise. She announces that she has decided to celebrate Gayatri’s birthday and throw a grand party. Suyash gets pleased by her decision.

Mayavi Maling:

Pranali gets confronted by Angad for meeting Haran in the prison. She tells him that she just went to free Haran as he is innocent. She didn’t wish any injustice to happen with Haran. She reveals about Haran’s help, which annoys Angad. He breaks the decorations in their room and leaves her alone on their wedding night. Angad decides to kill Haran and punish him. He goes to the prison and finds Maharaj Shil Aditya there. He gets compelled to act sweet and releases Haran from the prison. Madhumali feels caged in Trishanku’s body. She wants Angad to do something to get her back in her physical body.

Tu Aashiqui:

JD/Reyansh gets upset when he finds Pankti and Ahaan together. He doesn’t want them to come closer. He finds ways to keep them away. He learns that Pankti has agreed to sing and act with Ahaan in the music album. Pankti and Reyansh dine together. She observes a mark on his arm and recalls about the wound on the culprit’s arm. She suspects Reyansh and thinks to confirm her doubt. She then overhears him talking to a goon. She then confronts Reyansh, but he cleverly lies to cover up his crime. Aparna tells Pankti that she is suspicious about Reyansh, knowing he visited the airport instead the recording studio, the day when Sheetal left for London. She wonders the reason for Reyansh following Sheetal.


Chakor warns Imli against harming Saanvi. She threatens to kill Imli if she dares to harm Saanvi. Chakor tells Suraj and Vivaan that they should give a chance to Imli and reform her with love by keeping her between the family. They don’t agree with her and ask her to hand over Imli to the police. Imli instigates Suraj against Chakor and Vivaan’s love chemistry. Suraj disagrees with her, but gets doubtful when he finds Chakor and Vivaan together. Vivaan demands Imli to tell him about the reason for making him suffer. He then gets a call from the mysterious enemy and learns that Imli wasn’t responsible behind his sufferings. He tells Chakor that they should give away Imli to the police.

Kulffi Kumarr Bajewala:
Amyra and Cutie act as ghosts to scare Kulfi and make her leave the house out of fear. Amyra then saves Kulfi and asks her to listen to her if she wants to get saved. Kulfi gets petrified and runs to her room. Kulfi slips down the balcony. Sikandar and Lovely visit the temple. Sikandar gets a call from home and hears Kulfi screaming. He rushes home and sees Kulfi hanging down the balcony. He runs to save her in time. Sikandar rescues Kulfi. He tells at Amyra and Cutie for their bad plotting, which could have taken Kulfi’s life. He scolds Amyra for not valuing anyone’s life and sentiments.


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