New twists with Zain Iman and Mandana Karimi's entry in Ishqbaaz

Ishqbaaz (PicFiction): Shivika’s different worlds to have unpleasing norms

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Shivay’s Roka ceremony will be seen. His brothers wish him all the best for the life’s new start. Dadi wants to make sure that everything goes fine. Shivay tells Dadi that he will always obey her. She gets happy that he moves on in his life by forgetting all the sorrows. The brothers have a union. On the other hand, Anika gets troubled by Sahil’s mum. She faces the torments of her aunt like before. The characters and settings change in the show to present Shivika in a completely different world. Anika stays the same as far as Sahil is concerned, and Shivay has the same love for his brothers. Anika and Sahil take a stand for each other. Shivay goes ahead with the Roka rituals and puja. Dadi feels lucky to get such loving grandsons. She makes them perform the aarti united like always. Shivay gets informed about some matter and leaves from the aarti in a rush.

Anika gets troubled further when the landlord asks her to make the due payment on time. Anika begs her for some time and tells her that she will get the money to pay the rent. The landlord takes Sahil’s watch and hurts him in a fit of rage. Sahil’s mother blames Anika for it. The reporter meets Shivay and tells him that he is going to expose the big truth about Oberoi family. He tells them that Shakti was murdered by Pinky, since she knew about his affairs. He reveals about Pinky’s suicide after the crime. He asks Shivay not to deny this fact, as he has the solid evidence against them. He tells Shivay that he can ruin the reputation of Oberoi family in a minute. Shivay thrashes the reporter and tells him that he will ruin his channel if it comes to his family’s name.

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Anika faces humiliation by her aunt. She misses her parents. She learns that her mum has run away with someone and left her child behind. Aunt tells Anika that she will also become a mistress, since none will marry her. Anika gets disturbed by the harsh taunts. She sheds tears while Shivay sinks in the grief knowing his parents’ death cause. He vents out his anger by breaking things. Anika and Shivay suffer in their different worlds. They end up getting hurt because of the bad trials.

Their love story seems impossible when they are projected in the odd atmospheres. Dadi asks Shivay if his anger calmed down. He tells her that he has learnt about his parents’ death. He asks Dadi why did she hide the truth from him. Dadi tells him that people make news for money. She asks him not to believe anyone and just focus on his life. He tells her that he wants to know the answers, he wants to know the reason of his parents’ death. Dadi doesn’t want to answer him. She tells him that everything is past now and can’t come back. She asks him to be a fighter. He gets encouraged and tells her that he can go to any extent to protect his family.







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