Jiji Maa: Falguni to lose her memory post a lightning strike

Jiji Maa Falguni to lose her newborn baby

Uttara shoots Falguni, but the latter gets struck by a lightning, which makes her fall unconscious. Suyash rushes Falguni to the ICU. He faces a tough time when he fears to lose Falguni after losing Gayatri. Vidhaan tells Suyash that Falguni will get fine. Doctor tells them about the lightning power striking Falguni, which can be really dangerous for her. Uttara gets angry that Falguni got saved again. She sheds face tears and sympathizes with Suyash. They all wait for Falguni to gain consciousness. Suyash tells Uttara about Gayatri’s death and shares his sorrow. He asks about Jayant. She tells him that Jayant will soon be coming. She meets Falguni and tries to kill her again.

Doctor comes there and makes Uttara out of the ICU. Suyash cries seeing Gayatri’s corpse. He breaks down. He recalls Gayatri’s words. Jayant too feels bad that he haven’t given time to Gayatri, he didn’t listen to her and did injustice with her. He apologizes to Gayatri. Sooner, Falguni regains consciousness. Uttara recalls her warning and gets tensed that she will tell the truth to Suyash. Falguni shocks everyone by acting weird. She turns into a child mentally and assumes Uttara to be her mum. She asks Uttara to take her home. Doctor reveals about Falguni’s memory loss. Suyash wonders what happened to Falguni.

Falguni dislikes Suyash and Niyati. Doctor asks them to let Falguni stay with Uttara if she feels happy. Niyati wants to explain Falguni that Uttara is their enemy. Uttara acts great and tells Suyash that she will take care of Falguni. Doctor tells them that Falguni will recover if she is cared with love. Niyati wishes to tell Uttara’s truth to everyone. She gets helpless as Uttara is Falguni’s cure now. Uttara realizes this very well and gets happy to win the game.


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