Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Another attack on Roshni to alarm Bhallas


Simmi and Parmeet realize that someone else is also trying to kill Roshni’s baby. They want to know who’s that person. The baby shower ceremony ends, and Romi doesn’t become a part of it. Ishita gets happy that Roshni is getting her deserved happiness. The hired women try to harm Roshni’s child so that they can complete the task and get their money. Ishita makes Roshni rest for some time. She asks Roshni not to take much stress. Roshni goes to washroom, while Ishita gets busy in work. Raman confronts Romi for not attending the ceremony. Romi reminds Raman that he is the peace breaker of the house. He asks Raman how can he teach him manners and values, when he has none. They get into an argument.

Ishita intervenes in their argument to stop them. Raman asks Romi to slap him if he had raised his voice. Romi refuses to slap him. Raman and Romi argue bitterly when Ishita gets in between. Romi gets into a bad moment when the adoption officer sees his family’s bad environment. She refuses to allow the adoption. She apologizes to Romi. Raman realizes the situation has gone out of hands because of him. He feels sorry. Romi vents out anger on Raman and goes away. The women lock up Roshni in the washroom. Roshni shouts for help. She then breaks down and panics. She collapses because of suffocation. Raman tells Ishita that Romi wants to adopt a child, and he didn’t tell this to anyone. He feels Romi hates him now. Ishita tells Raman that Romi would have got away because of the problems at home.

Raman tells them that he has raised Romi like a father, but he didn’t see Romi while sinking in Adi’s sorrow. He regrets that Romi has gone away from him because of the family matters. They go to Roshni and find the room locked. Ishita tells Raman that Roshni will get suffocated. Raman tries to help and free the door. Parmeet finds the women and stops them to return their money. He doubts on them. Simmi learns that Parmeet didn’t hire those women for their motives. Raman and Ishita break the door and reach Roshni. They find her unconscious in the washroom. The family learns about Roshni’s state. Everyone worries for the child. Ishita feels someone is really after the child, else none could harm Roshni. Aaliya tells them that she will take care of Roshni. Mrs. Bhalla wishes Adi’s child stays fine. She wonders who is trying to harm Roshni and why. Ishita and Raman get clueless about the attacker. Ishita will soon find out the hired women and know about the culprit.


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