Mayavi Maling: Angad’s Coronation rituals to begin


Shil Aditya asks his ministers if they agree with his decision to elect Angad as the next King of Maling. The ministers lend their support as they worship Shil Aditya as their Lord. They accept Shil Aditya’s decision blindly. They give their approval for Angad’s Rajya Abhishek. Shil Aditya tells Angad that they all will just wish him to always fulfill the king’s duties with utmost sincerity. Chegu and Eshwarya try hard to get over the ice wall formed by Madhumali’s magic. Chegu flies off with Eshwarya, while the ice wall gets covering their route. They get trapped by the walls. Chegu tries to find a solution. Eshwarya tells him that they can’t reach Maling on time, but they need to stop Shil Aditya from electing Angad. She doesn’t want Angad to take over the throne. Madhumali gets glad seeing Angad’s Rajya Abhishek rituals beginning.

Angad goes to the jungle to meet Madhumali. Shil Aditya finds Garima angered and asks her the reason, as he didn’t take any wrong decision. Garima tells him that Pratap is better than Angad. He asks her not to get into elders’ matters. Angad gets surprised seeing Pranali in the jungle. Angad turns upset with Adhivanth disturbs them. Adhivanth makes an apology. Adhivanth suggests Angad to plan their return. Shil Aditya laughs on Garima’s childish talks. Garima wants to tell him that she loves Adhivanth and intends to marry him. Angad tells Adhivanth that if he gets Maling Rajya’s responsibilities, he will prefer to live in Maling than Mahapuram. He asks Adhivanth to manage responsibilities in Mahapuram. Arak gets happy to know that they will be living in Maling.

Adhivanth apologizes to Garima and wants to clear the misunderstandings. She gets new misconceptions in mind. He feels she is really immature. Shil Aditya recollects Eshwarya and Chegu’s speech. She tells him that she has found the culprit. She reveals to him that she has got the bottle and knew that someone has changed the liquid in the bottle. Shil Aditya tells her that he has left the throne already and can’t keep it vacated for long. Chegu tells him that he will find the culprit soon and get back to him at the earliest. Shil Aditya waits for Eshwarya and Chegu. He doesn’t know where they got trapped. Will Eshwarya and Chegu try to break the black magic trap and reach Maling to reveal the truth? Keep reading.


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