Piyaa Albela: Pooja to get instigated by Naren’s odd behavior

Pooja finds Naren

Pooja doesn’t want to forgive Naren for Anuj’s murder. Same way, he holds her responsible for Angraj’s death. He thinks she is the one because of whom his family is seeing such sorrow. Pooja tells Satish that she will get Anuj’s dead body soon. Satish and Kusum pray for Anuj’s soul peace. Pooja is in a dilemma. She wants Naren to get punished so that she can get justice for Anuj. She also wants justice for Supriya who lost Angraj. She knows Naren has shot in defense for Angraj. She gets upset when Naren tries to get clues against her family. Naren and his family threaten Pooja. This instigates her to give the statement against Naren in the court and get him punished. They don’t know who is breaking them apart, who is keeping the evidence in Pooja’s house and pelting stones.

Naren also faces troubles and thinks Pooja is planning the bad things. Pooja feels Naren has sent the men to throw stones at her family. Angraj plots this to put the blame on Pooja and Naren. Naren doesn’t understand what’s happening as he is mentally shattered. He sees the protests against him.

His family gets angry knowing Pooja is behind this. Naren gets in shock. They get depressed that Pooja is humiliating them being their bahu. Naren tells his family that he will always oppose the wrong. He assumes Pooja is wrong. He leaves for the court to get justice for Angraj. He doesn’t think of right and wrong. He worries for Supriya who tried to end his life. He stands for them as a sole support. Naren and Pooja know their sorrowful phase, as they both lost their brothers, but the planted evidences and chaos get disheartening for them. Pooja files a case against Naren. Pooja chooses her Rakhi over sindoor. Kusum asks Pooja to give the statement against Naren. Supriya does Naren’s tilak and aarti. She asks him to just win the case.


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