Mayavi Maling: Eshwarya to make Shil Aditya realize the big trap

Maling spoilers

Madhumali takes a disguise to attend Angad’s coronation ceremony. Angad prepares to get crowned by Maharaj Shil Aditya. Eshwarya attempts to break the ice barriers and leave. Chegu tries to fly away. Eshwarya fails to break the ice wall. Chegu worries for her and asks her not to worry for him, and just run away. She tells him that she will not leave him alone. He asks her to understand the situation and just proceed. Pandit explains the Yagna rituals to Angad and asks him to proceed. The ice walls try to get closer and harm Chegu and Eshwarya. Chegu tries to communicate with Antara. He tries to gain her help. Antara learns about Chegu and Eshwarya in danger. She runs to help them and finds them inside the ice walls. Angad takes the vows to serve Maling the best way possible.

Antara gets attacked by Ghori. He asks Antara to see her son dying. She asks him to move out of his way. He tells her that Chegu can’t be saved today. He doesn’t want Chegu to win again. Antara warns Ghori first. He doesn’t listen. She attacks him and runs to save Chegu. Chegu uses his Agnishakti to break the walls. Even Antara reaches there and tries to melt the ice. They both succeed in getting out of the ice walls. Antara tells Chegu that she was attacked by Ghori on the way. Antara asks them to leave for Maling soon. Madhumali rejoices seeing Angad’s coronation rituals happening. Garima gets a doubt on the old lady, but fails to know that its Madhumali.

None could imagine it that Madhumali is alive and she is the one who has killed Trishanku. Pandit guides Angad through the complete rituals. Angad abides all the rules and customs. He shows that he deserves to get Maling’s responsibility. Shil Aditya asks Angad to proceed towards the throne. Eshwarya reaches the palace and asks Shil Aditya to come for a talk. Shil Aditya pretends to get unwell and makes a leave from there. Everyone worries for him. Angad goes towards the last ritual. He gets close to the throne and his dreams to rule over Maling, the land chosen by ParamDev. Madhumali spies on Shil Aditya.

Eshwarya tells Shil Aditya that a Daanav Vanshi has attacked Trishanku. Eshwarya gives the shocking news that Madhumali is alive. She tells him that they were blocked from reaching Maling, someone created an ice barrier to stop them, but Antara came to their rescue, they are really getting trapped in a big mess. Shil Aditya realizes that its a trap and Angad is also involved. He tells Eshwarya that they can’t do anything now, Angad has taken all the vows and fulfilled the coronation rituals. He gets helpless to crown Angad as the King.


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