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Jiji Maa: Uttara pampers Falguni with fake love and falls in trouble. She does make up to Falguni and decks her up. Falguni tells everyone that she looks lovely just because of Uttara, she has applied her the makeup. She gets bored and asks Vidhaan to play with her. Vidhaan asks her to play tongue twister game, but its tough. Falguni plays with him. She asks Uttara to play with them. Uttara applies the glue lipstick by mistake which she planned for Falguni. She gets tight lipped because of her own fault. Suyash asks Uttara is she annoyed with Falguni, why is she not talking to her. Niyati has installed the hidden cameras in her room. Niyati has swapped the glue lipstick so that Uttara’s plans fail. Niyati tells Uttara that she can’t harm Falguni now, she is also a caring sister for Falguni and won’t let Uttara win. She warns Uttara against her dirty tactics.

Mariam Khan – Reporting LIVE:

Mariam and the kids get mischievous again. They follow Rifat to the school. They spy on Rifat. Mariam clicks her pictures when Rifat takes the land’s original pictures from the school peon. Rifat doubts on Mariam and finds her with friends. She is afraid that Mariam’s pictures can get her exposed. She starts screaming on seeing them. Mariam and her friends tease her. They scream aloud and irritate her. Rifat doesn’t want her secret to come out. She feels Mariam may make her life miserable. Majaaz also looks out for the original papers of the school land. The peon lies to him that he has misplaced the papers. He is helping Rifat by taking the bribe. Majaaz believes the peon and makes a leave. Rifat asks the peon to catch Mariam, and not let her reach Majaaz. Peon misses the catch the kids.

Krishna Chali London:

Radhe gets Shabnam home to prove his innocence to Krishna. She can’t believe his move. Shabnam tells Krishna that Radhe is too innocent and he hasn’t done anything wrong, he had run away from the place and also mentioned that his love and loyalty will always be for his wife. Shabnam tells Krishna that she is a lucky girl to get a decent and good hearted guy like Radhe. The matter gets known to Shukla family. Radhe apologizes to Krishna and clears the misunderstanding. He proves that he isn’t characterless. Shukla scolds Radhe for turning into a wife’s puppet. He asks Radhe to dominate Krishna and show he is the man. Radhe tells Shukla that he will manage his marriage on his own. Even Krishna asks Shukla not to get between their personal matter. Radhe and Krishna show unity in front of the family.

Vivaan rescues Imli when she attacks herself. She keeps threatening of committing suicide. Vivaan asks Chakor to be watchful since keeping Imli at home is not safe for them too. He asks her to accept Suraj’s word and send Imli to the mental asylum. Suraj gets caught up by the goons. He gets buried alive in the graveyard, when he gets suspected for his lies. Suraj tries to prove that he works for Imli. However, the bad people don’t let him survive. Soon, Colonel realizes that Suraj is working for Imli and rescues his life. He instructs his men to get Suraj out of the grave. An army official in disguise watches the entire incident. He then approaches Suraj with a motive. He tells him that he needs his help in saving the nation from such terror spreading people.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

Naira and Kartik don’t agree on the same point. Their arguments get a new turn when misunderstandings gains more space. Kartik gets mistaken that Naira is taking advantage of the protest and provoking the students for the mass bunk. Naira doesn’t want anyone to take advantage of the protest which is meant for getting justice for Tanvi. Dadi gets injured during the students and college security’s clash. Naira hides that she knows Dadi and is related to her. She takes her to the hospital and gets the aid done with assurance that she is with her.

Mayavi Maling:

Eshwarya and Chegu reach Maling Rajya on time and inform Shil Aditya about Madhumali’s existence. Eshwarya tells Shil Aditya that they are falling in some big trap set by Madhumali, which means that even Angad is involved in the conspiring. Shil Aditya realizes that they got too late. He wonders how to stop Angad’s coronation ceremony, when he has taken all the steps and completed the rituals to get the Maling throne. He decides to do something and stop the coronation. Shil Aditya takes the crown for Angad. Madhumali and Angad rejoice seeing their victory so close. Shil Aditya pretends to faint down, which gets realized by his family. Vaidehi and Pranali get clueless knowing Shil Aditya has faked illness.


Shivay and Anika’s hits and misses begin. They both reach the temple. The history repeats, but not completely. Situation and the story changes, but the feelings in Shivay and Anika’s hearts are still the same. They both feel a connection, but are not aware of each other. Anika questions Shivay for getting VIP treatment in the temple as well, when Lord treats everyone equally. She angers Shivay by her verbal confrontation. Shivay misses to see her. Destiny delays their meeting.


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