Kaleerein: Meera to succeed in Sadi Kaur’s avatar

Kaleerein: Thrill, suspense and horror twist next

Sadi Kaur and Vivaan have a football match. Meera surprises Vivaan. She reminds him of Meera. Roma wants to find Sadi Kaur’s truth. She checks her purse to know about her identification. Roma was trying to blame Sadi Kaur and make her out of the office. But, Vivaan trusts Sadi Kaur and defends her. He gets the proof for her innocence. He doesn’t fire her from work. Meera gives a cute surprise to Vivaan. She gets balloons for him. He doesn’t understand why she does such gestures for him. She tells him that she wants to see him happy. He throws away all the balloons that remind him of a moment he had with Meera.

He vents out his frustration while talking to the balloon. He finds the car filled with balloons. He expels out the balloons. He finds Sadi Kaur kiddish. Meera wanted to make his stress relieved. She tells him that he should try kiddish things so that his heart also gets light like balloons. Meera tries to cheer him up. He listens to Sadi Kaur, and tries her idea. He accepts that her idea really worked and the balloons have really lightened his mood.


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