Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Raman finds a solution to ensure Roshni’s safety

YHM, Ruhi thanks Roshni

After Simmi, Parmeet and Romi call Roshni’s child illegitimate, Bhallas find a solution to convince Ishita and Roshni. Raman decides to give a company shares to Roshni to give her financial security. Ishita knows Roshni’s life is in risk. Bhallas are also concerned for Roshni’s safety. Raman and Ishita stay on toes to ensure that Roshni and her baby are secure. Inspector advises them to be alert, since the kidnapper can plan the attack on Roshni again, she needs a round the clock surveillance. Raman tells the family that he has got the bodyguards. Ishita asks what’s the need. He tells them the reason that they can’t leave Roshni alone, it won’t be good.

Mrs. Bhalla plans a party. She asks everyone to distribute work. She doesn’t believe Simmi and Parmeet, and asks Pihu to keep an eye on them. Raman tells Bhallas that bodyguards will always be with Roshni for her security, since he knows the enemies are watching them.

Pihu sees Simmi and Parmeet eyeing Roshni, and whistles to make them away. Roshni laughs on Pihu’s smartness. Ishita tells Raman that she doesn’t want Roshni to get kidnapped again, she wants the child to be healthy and away from danger. Aaliya breaks out the news that she is supporting Shagun in the catering business. The family cheers for Aaliya and wishes her big happiness in her life. They get special gifts from Shagun.


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