Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: KaiRa’s MMS comes as a new shocker

YRKKH Twist Kartik undergoes distressed dilemma

Naira and Kartik don’t agree on the same point. Their arguments get a new turn when misunderstandings gains more space. Kartik gets mistaken that Naira is taking advantage of the protest and provoking the students for the mass bunk. Naira doesn’t want anyone to take advantage of the protest which is meant for getting justice for Tanvi. Dadi gets injured during the students and college security’s clash. Naira hides that she knows Dadi and is related to her. She takes her to the hospital and gets the aid done with assurance that she is with her.

Kartik learns about Dadi’s injury. He loses trust in Naira. He holds her responsible for Dari’s state. Naira defends herself and leaves Kartik with his opinions. They have an argument at the pool side. Naira slips down and falls in the pool, while Kartik rescues her. He holds her well to balance, unaware that someone is making their MMS. Tanvi’s culprit makes their MMS to teach them a lesson. Kartik and Naira learn about their defamation in the college. Kartik wishes to catch the culprit and punish him for the habitual mistakes. Very soon, Kartik and Naira’s marriage ties will be known in the college.


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