Aapke Aa Jane Se: Sahil to conspire with Madhuri


Badi Amma doubts on fake Vedika and slaps her. The bar dancer Madhuri teaches a lesson to Badi Amma. She says everyone believes me as Vedika, what problem do you have, Yash has half rights on this house, if you want to stay in peace, then mend your ways. She asks Badi Amma to stay in her limits and change her perception. Vedika’s mum gets happy seeing this and insults Badi Amma. She says Vedika has made me proud today, Badi Amma will get some sense now, Vedika never answered any elderly person till now, but today Vedika has taken a stand for herself and fought, we will rule on this house now, you have to stay with manners.

Sahil gets drunk. Madhuri helps him. He acts in front of everyone and scolds her. Sahil’s plan gets revealed. He has got Madhuri home, who is acting as Vedika in front of the family. Sahil asked Madhuri to take an entry at home as Vedika so that he can get some time to find real Vedika. He wants the family to be occupied. He is sure that Vedika is alive, and she is stuck in some problem.


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