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Krishna Chali London:
Krishna and Radhe bond over their problems. Radhe comes home and asks Krishna why did she call him home. She tells them that he has to compete in the couple competition. He doesn’t want to go as Shukla has opposed it. Krishna wants to win the competition to get the reward, that’s a bike. She wants to get the bike for Radhe. She convinces him with love. Krishna gets fooling Bua and shows that she is in love with Radhe. She impresses Radhe as well. Radhe tells Krishna that they will manage to participate in the competition by taking a disguise. Bua gets the costumes for them. Radhe doesn’t want Shukla to know about his participation. Matuk hosts the competition. Radhe aims to hide from his family. Krishna turns into Radhe’s friend.

Ishq SubhanAllah:
Kabir plans a surprise for Zara. He gets busy on call. Zara meets him and wishes him happy Eid. He gets mesmerized seeing her beauty. He compliments her. Zara goes to her room to change the earring. She finds Kabeer near the cupboard and asks him what was he doing. He hides a surprise gift for her. They have a romantic moment.

Mariam Khan – Reporting LIVE:
Majaaz attempts to get the school land papers from the school office. Rifat sends her goons to get the papers. Majaaz gets the pictures clicked by Mariam and understands that the peon is involved in the scam. He confronts the goons and the peon when he catches them red handed. The goons attack Majaaz and Omkar. Majaaz tries to escape. He gets badly injured. Omkar rushes him to the hospital. The family learns about Majaaz’s critical injuries. The doctor treats Majaaz. Mariam loses her mind seeing Majaaz’s state. She feels guilty. She can’t believe that Majaaz is in so much pain. The family consoles Mariam. Mariam wishes Majaaz gets fine soon. Entire family breaks down seeing Majaaz’s condition.

Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala:

Lovely finds Nimrat’s memories and shows to Kulfi. Kulfi gets glad and thanks her for finding her lost bag. She tells Lovely that she wanted to get back her precious memories. She praises Lovely and happily hugs her. Lovely refuses to hand over the things. She keeps a condition and tells Kulfi that she will just sing for Amyra, she won’t sing on Sikandar’s request. Lovely asks her to choose if she wants to listen to Sikandar, or get her mum’s memories back.

Piyaa Albela:

Naren gets drunk and tries to forget Pooja. He sees Pooja’s picture and sheds tears. Pooja packs her bags and leaves Naren’s house. Naren gets crying seeing her leaving. He throws colors on Pooja’s picture and deeply regrets. He breaks down and tells Pooja that he hates her. He ruins her pictures. He wants all her memories to end in his heart. He imagines Pooja and confronts her for the deceive. Pooja knows Naren has his suppressed anger, which he is venting out. Their ways get different. She moves on in her life. She stands against him in elections, which he never imagined. She challenges his party position. She becomes a threat for Naren.

Tu Aashiqui:

Pankti tries to tell Ahaan about her doubts over Reyansh. Ahaan meets her in a rush and tells her that he has failed to understand her and support her when she needed him the most. He deals with his dilemmas and understands that Pankti is facing troubles because of Reyansh. Pankti gets a relief knowing Ahaan is also doubting Reyansh. He decides to expose Reyansh so that they can know his real intentions behind their enmity. Pankti informs Reyansh’s misdeeds to Ahaan. He believes her and tells her that he also felt odd when Reyansh was mocking their love and taunting him about Pankti’s prospering career.


Vivaan meets Meera. He imagines Meera and confesses love to her. He wonders what’s happening to him. He sees Meera everywhere. He misses her. Meera also misses Vivaan. Meera reveals to the family that she isn’t pregnant, it was a drama. She gets frustrated. Vivaan comes to meet Meera. He gets to overhear Meera’s confession. He feels guilty and thinks she has done a lot to save his life. He realizes his love. Meera sees Vivaan and thinks she is still day dreaming. Vivaan helps her again and proves that he is really present in front of her. They have a cute moment.

Jiji Maa:
Uttara asks Falguni to keep the fast for her sake. Falguni asks her to keep the fast as well. Uttara lies to the family. Uttara eats a lot of food and hides from everyone. She pretends to be keeping a fast. Uttara gets angry on Falguni when the latter insults her friends during the kitty party. She feels embarrassed when Falguni behaves mad.


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