Ishqbaaz: Destiny brings Anika and Shivay to the fore

Ishqbaaz: Shivay and Anika's mesmerizing moments

Anika arrives to the Oberoi mansion for Shivay’s Roka ceremony, where in she is hired to take care of the arrangements. Shivay likes her work portfolio and hires her on Khanna’s recommendation. Anika thanks Khanna for the timely help, since she has to arrange fees for Gauri and Sahil’s needs. She promises to give her best in her work. Destiny finally brings Shivay and Anika face to face. Shivaay and Anika get a feel of having to know each other. They think of feeling the familiarity and get no answers. Anika impresses everyone with her work.

Soon, the roka ceremony begins and the bride’s chunri falls over Anika. Shivay gets perplexed by the happening. Anika then goes to help Priyanka, while Shivay gets mistaken and scolds her. He blames her for putting Priyanka’s life in risk. Priyanka clears his misconception.

Later, Shivay gets to see Nikhil, who comes at his house to meet Anika. Nikhil gets happy that Anika is working in a rich house. He asks for money and exploits her for funds. Shivay gets to see Nikhil’s misbehavior with Anika and takes a step to help her out. Shivay and Anika start involving in each other’s life, just as the destiny planned for them. Will they realize their true eternal love getting tested against time? Keep reading.


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