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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Parmeet makes a plan to kidnap Roshni. He tells Simmi that Romi is in need of money, everyone will doubt on him, but they can have the money from Raman by framing Romi. Simmi likes his plan. He tells her that he will manage everything. Raman justifies to Ruhi that he didn’t get selfish, he is just concerned for his parents who wants to get Adi’s child. Ruhi tells him that he will talk to Romi. She reveals that Ishita is taking safety measures for Roshni. Raman feels Ishita doesn’t trust them, even when they gave her a chance after Adi’s loss. Raman gets angry on Ishita as she is failing him yet again. Parmeet gets to overhear them. Parmeet takes advantage of the matter.


Priyanka gets touched by Shivay’s love. She tells him that she never missed their parents since he filled in their places perfectly. She thanks the Lord for giving her such a doting brother. She hugs Shivay and cries. Shivay consoles her and tells her that she can do anything for her. Omkara and Rudra meet Priyanka and receive their gifts. Anika loses hope when she thinks of the last interview. She then gets a call and learns a good news that she may get the job. She goes to Oberoi mansion to get her file from Khanna.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

Naira doesn’t get to see the complete video sent in the college group. She doesn’t learn Kartik’s view on Tanvi’s matter. She misunderstands him again. Naitik meets Dadi and tells her that Naira is not at fault. He asks Dadi to understand and explain Kartik also. Dadi doesn’t show any interest in talking about Naira. Naitik turns upset seeing her behavior. Naksh gives a pretty necklace to Kirti and surprises her. He gives the good news that his resort project will get completed soon. He promises her that she will always be his priority. He tells her that he may get busy in work. She tells him that she understands his work needs. Dadi gets into an argument with Vaidehi, who settles scores with Dadi after knowing the college incident.

Mayavi Maling:

Maharaj Shil Aditya doesn’t stop when Angad interrupts the coronation of Pranali. He crowns Pranali and wishes her for becoming the Queen. Angad taunts them for keeping the coronation a secret. He wishes Pranali and shows his belief in Pranali. Pranali gets seated on the throne. Angad gets upset with them and expresses his annoyance. He tells Shil Aditya that he accepts his decision any how, and he understands that he has taken the decision as per his experience. He tells him that he doesn’t doubt on his decision, but he didn’t like how he played the game. He asks Shil Aditya the need of hiding this from him. He tells them that he is upset as Shil Aditya played Pranali’s kidnapping drama to carry out the coronation.

Krishna Chali London:
Krishna tries to impress Radhe with her love only for a motive. Krishna and Bua have joined hands. They both think of a plan to convince Radhe and make him participate in the couple competition. She gets lovey dovey and shocks him. Bua supports Krishna as she is thinking good for Radhe. Krishna wants Radhe to get a bike so that his dream gets fulfilled. She tells Bua that her dreams shattered, but she knows the pain, she values dreams and knows the worth, she wants to fulfill Radhe’s dreams so that she doesn’t feel guilty. Bua sees love developing in Krishna’s heart. She gets happy for them. Bela and Triloki also participate in the competition, which is known to Shukla family. Krishna and Radhe’s fun moments will be seen during the competition.

Saam Daam Dand Bhed:
Mandira plays a new game. Vijay supports her in front of Bulbul, which breaks Bulbul’s heart. Mandira invites the media for Bulbul’s interview regarding Aaliya’s case. Mandira hugs Bulbul and presents her as a hero. She taunts Bulbul indirectly. Bulbul understands her game and praises Mandira. She tells the media about Mandira’s broken marriage. She tells that they will get Mandira remarried. Mandira refuses for remarriage.

Mandira then acts depressed and tells Vijay that she will leave from his house. Bulbul wants Mandira to leave from Vijay’s house. Vijay thinks Mandira has supported him a lot. He feels grateful towards her and feels bad for her. He knows Mandira has no one in her life. He stops Mandira from leaving. He takes a stand for her and tells them that Mandira will live in his house. Vijay doesn’t know Mandira’s intentions. Mandira gets happy that Vijay is supporting her. Bulbul asks Vijay to convince Mandira for marrying someone. Mandira is ready to do anything to get Vijay back.


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