Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Simmi to complicate Ishita’s life by wrong testification


There will be a courtroom drama in the show. Raman and Ishita will be seen having a custody battle for Adi’s child. They both want to ensure Roshni’s child. Ishita doesn’t know who was behind Roshni’s kidnapping. Raman doesn’t want Ishita to handle Roshni, as she couldn’t protect Roshni last time. He tells the court that Ishita isn’t efficient to take care of Roshni. The lawyer tells the court that the child isn’t born till now, and yet the custody case is filed. Ishita’s lawyer tells that Ishita is fighting for Roshni’s rights, where as Bhallas just want the baby.

Raman’s lawyer questions Ishita about the clinic she runs and her income. He proves that she has a rented clinic and her income is low, she can’t manage the child well, she isn’t financially stable unlike Raman. He then calls Simmi in the witness box and asks her about Ishita getting Roshni to Bhalla house for the stay.

Simmi tells them that Roshni was kidnapped from Ishita’s house, but Raman has found Roshni and got her home. Ishita accuses Simmi and Parmeet for the kidnapping. Simmi tells the judge that Ishita isn’t able to look after Roshni, she may put Roshni’s life in trouble. She asks the judge to give the verdict in Raman’s favor for the sake of baby’s life. The case goes in Bhallas’ favor. Simmi just wants to defeat Ishita. Shantanu’s entry will happen in the court. He wants to help Ishita and Roshni. He wants to make sure that Roshni gets the child’s custody. Roshni wishes Raman and Ishita to unite by giving away her rights on her child.


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