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Telly Spoilers Shakti Ishq SubhanAllah Top 7 Today

Shakti: Soumya returned in Harman’s life and house. She brings happiness back in the family. Raavi and Jeet get married. They come home and shocks the family. The family blesses Raavi and Jeet. Harman accepts Jeet and hugs him. Jeet tells Soumya that Raavi is Harman’s elder sister, but he has no enmity for them now. He promises Soumya that he will always keep Raavi and Chintu happy. Raavi believes Jeet loves her a lot and also gives her the deserving respect. The family wanted Raavi to marry Jeet for the sake of the coming baby. They wish Raavi to stay happy. Raavi has a hatred for kinners. She doesn’t want Soumya’s wishes and gets back when Soumya comes to her. Raavi doesn’t want to change her thinking.

Piyaa Albela:

Pooja will be seen back in Vyas family. She gets the mehendi applied on her hands. Supriya hugs her happily. Dada ji stays cheerful and enjoys the function. Naren teases Pooja over sharing Supriya’s love. The family is unhappy with Pooja, but welcomes her with love just to pretend for the sake of Dada ji, who isn’t well. Dada ji’s wish gets fulfilled when Pooja comes to live with them for two days. Naren decorates the room and welcomes Pooja heartily to act in front of Dada ji.


Meera rushes to save Vivaan’s life, knowing he has left in her car, whose brakes were failed by Roma. She falls down her scooty. She gets rid of the dirty mud and finds another vehicle to reach Vivaan. Meera runs here and there and attempts to save Vivaan. She sees Vivaan’s car and gets in front to stop him. Vivaan sees Sadi Kaur and applies brakes. He realizes the brakes aren’t functioning right. He drives the car aside and hits the tree to stop the car. Vivaan jumps down the car. Meera finally reaches Vivaan and saves him. Vivaan realizes Sadi Kaur is none other than Meera. He gets a huge shock. He gets annoyed for a moment, but soon realizes that Meera has saved his life. Vivaan feels he is au fault. He realizes his mistake and decides to get Meera back in his life. He makes an apology to Meera and asks him to give him a chance to make it up for his mistakes.

Mariam Khan – Reporting LIVE:
Majaaz’s family gets the news that Majaaz is recovering and he may soon go home after discharge. The family gets happy. Mariam, Meher and Mahira plan a good welcome for Majaaz. They bring a smile on Majaaz’s face. They hug him. Mariam tells him that she prayed for his welcome. Mariam asks Madiha about his lost stuff. She tells Madiha that she has lost her pictures, toys and drawing book. Madiha tells Mariam that none knows about it, she can find it on own. She asks Mariam to find her belongings. She goes to see the household work. Mariam wonders who is taking away her stuff. Mariam turns to her mischievous side again and runs around to irritate Mahira. Majaaz laughs seeing them. He hugs Mariam and protects her from Mahira’s anger.

Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala:

Sikandar wants to give a singing contract to Kulfi. He tries to convince her to sing in front of the music director Roshan, who has already a big chance to Amyra. Sikandar doesn’t want to let any injustice happen with Kulfi. She gets in a dilemma over obeying him or Lovely, who has captured and stolen away Nimrat’s memories. Sikandar persuades Kulfi to sing. Lovely gets into an argument with Sikandar. Lovely and her dad create a scene to build pressure on Kulfi. Kulfi gets tensed and tries to run away. Sikandar doesn’t let her go and tells her that she has to sing for his sake. Kulfi doesn’t listen as she chooses Nimrat’s memories or getting a Guru like Sikandar.

Jiji Maa:
Someone scares Falguni as a ghost. Suyash rescues her from the ghost. He made this plan to show Falguni that he isn’t a ghost, he is a hero who will save her from ghosts and troubles. Falguni gets happy when he saves her. She tells him that she will call him a hero. She thanks him and hugs him. He gets emotional when she starts trusting him. Niyati helps Suyash and tells him that they can play this ghost drama to make Falguni trust Suyash. Vidhaan plays the ghost. He tells Suyash that he thoroughly enjoyed playing the ghost’s role. Suyash gets grateful to Niyati and Vidhaan for helping him befriend Falguni.

Ishq SubhanAllah:

Zara and Kabeer will be seen fighting against each other again. The verdict was given in favor of women. Zara wants to make sure that the decision is executed. Zara got the women’s rights to offer prayers in the mosque. Kabeer reaches the Shariah board to state his opinion. He sees a protest going on. Kabeer’s mum and Zara are called in the Shariah board to testify if Kabeer broke the laws and went against the decision. Zara meets Kabeer’s mum and hugs her. Kabeer sees them and dislikes that Zara got his mum on her side. He has a plan to work out.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Roshni gets manipulated by someone and changes her statement in the court, which shocks Ishita. Ishita suspects Simmi is blackmailing Roshni. Bhallas plan to get their heir. Simmi takes Raman’s side and wants Adi’s child to come in the family so that Ishita gets defeated. Simmi asks Roshni to give the child to Bhallas and start her new life in London. Roshni falls in her words and gets ready to give the child custody to Bhallas. Ishita fights for the custody to get Roshni’s rights on the child. Ishita asks Roshni the reason for backing out. She wants to support Roshni.


Anika and the family make a small tent and live in it. It starts raining heavily. The roof flies away by the wind. Anika makes calls to get some help. Anika and Gauri save the problems, while Sahil’s mum takes care of sick Sahil. Anika feels big shortage of money. She sheds tears and can’t help Sahil, who gets drenched by the water leaking from the roof. Priyanka comes ahead to help Anika. Priyanka tells Anika that she wants her to plan the wedding and hires her. She takes Anika and her family along. Anika and her family reach Oberoi mansion, with all their baggage.


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