Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala: Sikandar and Lovely to have a clash over Kulfi’s career

Amyra dislikes Kulfi

Sikandar wants to give a singing contract to Kulfi. He tries to convince her to sing in front of the music director Roshan, who has already a big chance to Amyra. Sikandar doesn’t want to let any injustice happen with Kulfi. She gets in a dilemma over obeying him or Lovely, who has captured and stolen away Nimrat’s memories. Sikandar persuades Kulfi to sing. Lovely gets into an argument with Sikandar. Lovely and her dad create a scene to build pressure on Kulfi. Kulfi gets tensed and tries to run away. Sikandar doesn’t let her go and tells her that she has to sing for his sake. Kulfi doesn’t listen as she chooses Nimrat’s memories or getting a Guru like Sikandar.

Roshan tells Sikandar that he can’t help Kulfi if she doesn’t want. Sikandar wants to give Kulfi her rights, and doesn’t care for Amyra. Lovely feels Sikandar is getting mad for Kulfi. She tells him that this is not needed, if he does this, then their relation will end. She doesn’t want Amyra’s life to get ruined because of Kulfi. Sikandar wants Kulfi to get a big break. Lovely threatens of dumping Sikandar. She doesn’t want anything wrong to happen with Amyra.

Sikandar asks Lovely will they cheat music, what about Kulfi and her talents. He asks Roshan to listen to Kulfi’s voice once and then decide. Kulfi is scared of Lovely and Amyra. She refuses to sing and cries. She tells Sikandar that she won’t sing. She asks Sikandar to forgive her. Sikandar hugs her and gets emotional. He sings when she refuses. He sings and asks her to her match tune with him and succeeds to make her sing. Roshan gets surprised hearing Kulfi’s melodious voice.

Amyra gets jealous seeing this and tells Sikandar that she hates him, he loves Kulfi more than her. She gets angry on him and runs away. Lovely also taunts Sikandar and tells him that he has crossed limits today, he has done wrong with Amyra for a stranger, what’s his relation with Kulfi. He tells her that he has a relation with Kulfi, which he can’t name. He tells Kulfi that even if Roshan doesn’t give her a chance, he will launch her and make her voice get fame.


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