Mariam Khan – Reporting LIVE: Mariam finds a old picture relating her past


Majaaz’s family gets the news that Majaaz is recovering and he may soon go home after discharge. The family gets happy. Mariam, Meher and Mahira plan a good welcome for Majaaz. They bring a smile on Majaaz’s face. They hug him. Mariam tells him that she prayed for his welcome. Mariam asks Madiha about his lost stuff. She tells Madiha that she has lost her pictures, toys and drawing book. Madiha tells Mariam that none knows about it, she can find it on own. She asks Mariam to find her belongings. She goes to see the household work. Mariam wonders who is taking away her stuff. Mariam turns to her mischievous side again and runs around to irritate Mahira. Majaaz laughs seeing them. He hugs Mariam and protects her from Mahira’s anger.

Mahira hides from the family and meets her boyfriend Rihaan. She was upset with him when he met her at the college. He plans to surprise her. He tries to convince her and lands at her home.

He apologizes to her for everything and tells her that he can’t live without her. Mahira forgives him and hugs him. They have a love confession. Rihaan tells her that he will never oppose her or her family again. Mahira and Rihaan patch up. Mariam hears them talking and spies on them. Mahira hides Rihaan and sends him away. Mariam and her friends also get in the storeroom. Mariam searches for some pictures. She gets her old picture and gets confused. She doesn’t know what is Majaaz hiding.


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