Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala: Mohander blesses Kulfi to get Sikandar support


Sikandar tells Roshan that Kulfi has sung the song that day, its not Amyra’s voice, Kulfi has the real talent. Amyra doesn’t like the insult. She feels everything got finished after Sikandar’s revelation. Kulfi sings with Sikandar in front of Roshan. Amyra and Lovely’s lie gets exposed in front of Roshan. Amyra gets angry with them and runs to her room. She avoids Kulfi and breaks their so called friendship. She eats cookies and tries to vent out anger. Kulfi meets Amyra and makes an apology. She asks Amyra not to misunderstand her. Kulfi cries when Amyra doesn’t talk to her. Kulfi clarifies that she was helpless to obey Sikankar. She wishes Amyra understands her pain. Cutie and Minty talk out to Lovely and advice her not to end ties with Sikandar. Cutie worries for Lovely’s future.

Sikandar starts training Kulfi. Amyra turns more insecure. Amyra is scared that she will lose Sikandar. Kulfi is worried and doesn’t want to become a reason for troubles in Sikandar’s life. Sikandar wants to launch her and tells her that its a big day for her, she has to sing a song on radio. She stays confused. Mohendar and Dadi see Kulfi and explain her that she should sing the song. Kulfi asks how shall I bring fights in the family, I don’t want Sikandar and his family’s terms to spoil. She takes Mohendar and Dadi’s blessings. Mohendar blesses her that Sikandar always supports her and she always supports music. He asks her to get ready fast and not miss the big opportunity, everyone will listen to her voice on radio.

Kulfi says I don’t want to become any singer. Mohendar asks her the reason for refusing. Kulfi says you explain Sikandar not to do this. Dadi tells her that Sikandar is doing the right thing, Amyra’s annoyance will end soon, Sikandar will convince her soon, don’t worry for them.

Cutie asks Lovely why didn’t she listen to her, why did she make Kulfi sing for Amyra. She scolds Lovely for always doing random things. She pledges to ruin Sikandar. Minty asks Cutie to stop Sikandar rather than ruining him, that won’t help them either. Lovely goes to emotionally blackmail Kulfi. She says you chose your mum’s memories and took the right decision. Kulfi says you are wrong, I have chosen Sikandar’s happiness than my mum’s memories, I will sing the song. Lovely wishes Sikandar chooses Amyra’s happiness. Kulfi goes to Sikandar and leaves for the radio station.


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