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Dil Hi Toh Hai:
Palak gives a good reply and Rithvik as she goes to gents loo. Employee calls Rithvik and says he has done setting for tomorrow. He doesn’t want Palak to give a presentation to Mr. Subramaniam. Palak’s mum tells her that she has uploaded her profile on a dating website. Palak says it is a limit and asks which mom makes a profile of her daughter on dating app. Her mum prays to God to do some magic on Palak and wants God to make Palak fall for Rithvik Noon. Later, when Palak goes to the office, she hears Rithvik telling that he couldn’t sleep entire night thinking about her. She gets upset and shouts excuse me. Rithvik turns to her. He was talking to someone else via Bluetooth. Palak scolds him for thinking cheap about her. Rithvik tells her that he is not interested in her.

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai:

Tai ji and Rakesh do lots of drama and make an issue when Swati and Munna come hand in hand to their house. Tai ji forgets her ill health and blames Swati and Munna for having an affair. She decides to complain to her parents, but Bela stops her and asks her to give them a chance. Munna and Swati go out of house sadly. Sameer and Naina look at each other as their happy day turned into sorrowful day. Anand and Bela ask Preeti and Naina not to meet Munna or Swati. Tai ji warns them. Next day in college, Sameer asks Naina to come with him to watch a film. Naina asks if he is alright and tells that she will not come. She reminds him of yesterday’s incident. Just then JBR sir comes and asks Sameer to concentrate on studies. Naina and Sameer get tensed. Sameer tries to convince Naina to come with him to watch the film, while Munna tries to cheer up Swati. Swati don’t want to talk to Munna being afraid of the incident. Munna tries to cheer her.

Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai:
Siddhant sees Anushka upset due to the family differences and thinks to cheer her up. He thinks he can’t let her suffer because of his revenge and want to keep her far from all sorrows. He asks the guard to do as he says. Watchman gives the cup to Anushka with a small note in it. Anushka reads the poetry and gets hopeful and cheerful. Siddhant gets happy seeing her happy. KK tries to find who told Neeta about his truth and starts doubting Siddhant thinking he was the one who was helping her to release her film.







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