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Harak threatens Soumya and tells her that he will not let Harman open the factory. Harman reaches to them and asks what’s the matter. Harak vents out anger on Soumya and tells them that they don’t deserve to fulfill their dreams. Harak tells Harman that Soumya is throwing a challenge at him and raging him. Harman asks Harak to do anything, but they will surely open a factory. He doesn’t waste time on the argument. He gets a call regarding factory work and rushes. He asks Soumya to go, and not hear any scolding by his father.

Savitri Devi:


Veer gets heartbroken. Sanchi gets married to Kabir. They turn up home and tells the family about the marriage. Kabir tells them that he holds 51% stakes of the hospital and has a right on house as well. He chooses to live in Veer’s room. He asks Veer to accept the truth and leaves from Sanchi’s life. Veer gets much hurt and looks at Sanchi for an answer. He can’t believe it that she married Kabir. Kabir asks Veer to vacate his room. Veer recollects his moments with Sanchi and leaves with his stuff. Veer gets insulted by Kabir.

Ishq SubhanAllah:

Zara gets informed that Kabeer is coming to meet her. Zara gets decked up in the bridal wear. She waits for Kabeer. She doesn’t know that Kabeer is coming to give her a big shock. Kabeer will be handing over the divorce papers to her. Kabeer divorces Zara. Zara’s dreams shatter. Kabeer gives one crore rupees to Zara as her Meher amount. Zara’s dreams shatter. Kabeer tells her that their relation is such that they can walk along, but can’t get together. He wants to free Zara from the relation, without asking her will.

Chakor goes to look for Colonel. She avoids Naina. She hides from Deva. She tries to get saved, and gets under a truck. She reaches the godown and gets trapped. Abhay informs Suraj about Chakor getting trapped. Suraj gets a big shock. Chakor learns that Suraj has joined the RAW and working for the nation. They have a romantic moment. They have a dance. Chakor is afraid that Suraj’s life could fall in danger. He tells her that nothing can happen to him till he has Chakor’s love with her. She questions him and asks why did he hide the matter from her. He tells her that he believes in their love and unity. He says she can easily understand what steps he can take to get close to Naira and she shouldn’t worry, as everything will be in their control.

Piyaa Albela:

Naren finds a way to vent out his anger. He throws the garbage in Pooja’s room. He turns revengeful and troubles her more by messing up the room. She sees his dirty doings and cleans the room. She doesn’t lose and does her work. He makes her busy in cleaning the room, so that she gets late for the Vatsavitri puja. He tells her that they are sharing the room, but his side of the room is much clean. Naren got helpless to tolerate her in the house because of Dada ji. Naren tells her that he had decorated the room before to welcome her in front of Dada ji, but now this is the way of his decorations. He asks her to find his love if she can. He wants to trouble her and make her stay a difficult one. He can’t see his family’s sorrowful state.

Krishna Chali London:
Krishna gets angry when Shukla treats her like a trophy bahu, where her emotions are just valued, just her medals are valued. The Shuklas treat her like she is any show piece. She feels hurt that she didn’t get a normal life because of Radhe. Her dreams shattered when she married an illiterate guy, belonging to an odd family. Krishna tells Radhe that if he breaks her dreams, she won’t let the dreams of him and his family to get fulfilled. Radhe gets worried. He wants to start a new life with Krishna. He doesn’t care for the difference between their educational qualification. She turns much upset with him.

Dil Hi Toh Hai:
Rithvik troubles Palak. He faces the challenges. She gets drenched with color. Her clothes get dirty. He asks her to leave the presentation, since she can’t go for it in such a state. She tells him that she can still give her presentation, as she is fully prepared. Rithvik makes fun of her and asks the man to cancel the presentation. Palak tells him that she can still manage it, if she fails, she will leave her job. She asks him not to cross his limits. Rithvik loves his family a lot and can do anything for them. Rithvik and his family will be seen having a cute moment, while sharing the childhood pictures and memories.

Aapke Aa Jane Se:

Vedika gets a huge shock when she gets to meet Nidhi at the godown. She asks Nidhi why is she doing this. She requests Nidhi to let her free. Nidhi gets exposed. She tells Vedika that she wants to make her out of Sahil’s life. She asks Vedika to recall her loved ones before dying. Vedika thinks of Sahil and regrets for misleading him about Nidhi. Nidhi counts down and shoots. Vedika opens her ropes and pushes Nidhi. She gets saved from the gun shot. She runs away from Nidhi’s clutches.


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