Krishna Chali London: Radhe and Krishna win the couple competition

Shukla reveals Krishna's past

Radhe and Krishna take a disguise of a Punjabi couple and participate in the Mr and Mrs. Kanpur competition. They smartly answer the judges and also perform the dance well to impress everyone. Bela falls down during her performance and loses in the dance round. Bela gets angry and denies to accept her failure. She gets sidelined. Matuk announces the winners, Radhe and Krishna. They get the prize money, award and a brand new bike. Radhe feels proud to earn the bike by his hard work. He thanks Krishna for making him experience such happiness in his life for the first time in life. Radhe can’t believe that he can do something. He realizes his capabilities. Radhe and Krishna thank everyone and leave on the bike. Bela gets confused about him. Krishna gives the surprise to Radhe. She tells him that she wanted to please him. Krishna and Bua’s plan to get the bike for Radhe succeeds.

Krishna gets angry when Shukla treats her like a trophy bahu, where her emotions are just valued, just her medals are valued. The Shuklas treat her like she is any show piece. She feels hurt that she didn’t get a normal life because of Radhe. Her dreams shattered when she married an illiterate guy, belonging to an odd family. Krishna tells Radhe that if he breaks her dreams, she won’t let the dreams of him and his family to get fulfilled. Radhe gets worried. He wants to start a new life with Krishna. He doesn’t care for the difference between their educational qualification. She turns much upset with him.


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