Savitri Devi: Sanchi’s marriage with Kabir to shock Veer

Savitri Devi: Sanchi attempts to cage evil Naintara

Veer gets heartbroken. Sanchi gets married to Kabir. They turn up home and tells the family about the marriage. Kabir tells them that he holds 51% stakes of the hospital and has a right on house as well. He chooses to live in Veer’s room. He asks Veer to accept the truth and leaves from Sanchi’s life. Veer gets much hurt and looks at Sanchi for an answer. He can’t believe it that she married Kabir. Kabir asks Veer to vacate his room. Veer recollects his moments with Sanchi and leaves with his stuff. Veer gets insulted by Kabir.

The room was very special for Veer and Sanchi. Veer gets silent and feels now there is nothing left between Sanchi and him. He emotionally cries seeing their pictures. He removes all the pictures, which hold all the memories of incidents of their life. Veer recalls the struggles he faced to win Sanchi’s love. Veer feels betrayed by Sanchi. He doesn’t know that Kabir is blackmailing Sanchi and faking the marriage.



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