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Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka:
Rajdeep arrives at Kunal and Mauli’s house and asks them to send Nandini with him. Kunal stops Rajdeep at the door. He gets angry when Rajdeep speaks ill about Nandini and Mauli. He beats up Rajdeep. They have a fight. Kunal doesn’t want Rajdeep to create troubles for Nandini. The neighbors gather there to know what’s happening. Rajdeep tells the neighbors that they should help him and confront Kunal and Mauli, who have become a wall between him and his wife. Mauli tells Rajdeep that Nandini was found injured on the roads, where was he at that time, he is the one who made her lose her child, he has no right on Nandini now. She asks him to stop his drama and leave.


Roop goes towards the hill with his friends. Ranvir asks him to jump down the hill and prove his bravery. Roop jumps from the hill and gets injured. Ranvir runs away from there. Shamsher reaches there and catches Ranvir. He asks about Roop. Ranvir tells Shamsher that Roop has jumped down the hill. Shamsher gets angry on Ranvir and his bad friends. Shamsher can’t believe that Ranvir instigated Roop to jump down. He tells Ranvir that he has sent Roop with him, so that he can play outdoor games with boys, rather than playing with dolls and soft toys at home like girls. He scolds Ranvir.


Shivay and Anika have a meet again. Priyanka gets Anika at home and tells Dadi that she wants Anika and her family to stay in the outhouse. She tells Dadi about the troubles Anika is facing. She believes Anika is a nice girl. Shivay and Anika have a hit and miss at home. Later, Priyanka asks Anika to get her designs folder. Anika sees Shivay and passes by. They both can’t stand each other. Anika avoids him after recollecting his humiliating words. She rushes to Dadi’s room to meet her. She gets inside Shivay’s room by mistake. She feels like she belongs to this place.

Saam Daam Dand Bhed:

Mandira has tried to separate Vijay and Bulbul. She fails every time. Dadi finds a way to make Mandira out of Vijay’s house. Dadi keeps a Swayamvar for Mandira. She wants to expose Mandira’s intentions and make her speak out that she doesn’t want to marry anyone other than Vijay. Mandira understands Dadi’s plan and tells them that she is ready for Swayamvar, she wants to settle down soon. Mandira gets ready and comes for Swayamvar. She reminds Vijay about her marriage with Anant and how Vijay ruined his life. She shares her worries about her future. She tells him that she doesn’t want to make any blunder again, she will think well and decide. Vijay tells her that he will always be there for her. She appears happy and positive.

Kundali Bhagya:

Karan sees Preeta and his pictures and misses her. He then calls Preeta and compliments her beauty. Their cute romance goes on. Prithvi doesn’t get anything in his favor, when Karan wakes up and gets alert.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Raman lays a trap to make Ishita admit the truth. He confronts Ishita after the court hearing, where Shantanu gives his statement and changes the case’s result. He asks Ishita how did she put Roshni’s character in question by making Shantanu lie about the baby. She knows Raman will not take the matter lightly. She fears of his wrath. She didn’t wish Shantanu to complicate the matters by claiming the child. Ishita gets stressed about Raman’s next move. She doesn’t want to leave Roshni alone and looks after her. She worries for Roshni’s life. Raman tells them that he wants a DNA test to be done so that he can prove the child belongs to Bhallas.

Jiji Maa:

There is a big drama ahead. Falguni has lost her sensibility. She blindly follows Uttara. Uttara scares Falguni about the doctor’s new treatment. She tells Falguni that she will get a big injection. Falguni tells her that she won’t take the injection, she is really scared of the pain. She believes Uttara and packs the bags to leave the house. She wonders where to go. A lady sees her and traps her. She fools Falguni and says I will take you to Disneyland. Falguni happily goes with her. Falguni sees the dark place and shouts out to Uttara Maa. She is trapped in a big mess once again.

Pammi learns Roma’s entire truth. Roma shoots Pammi. Vivaan rushes Pammi to the hospital. Vivaan and his sister share their sorrow and sheds tears. Vivaan and Meera get worried for Pammi’s life. Meera scolds Vivaan and blames him for Pammi’s state. Vivaan feels guilty. Meera tells him that its his big mistake to blindly trust Roma. She asks him to open his eyes and see his mother, who got attacked by Roma. She reminds Vivaan that he never believed Pammi and her before. Vivaan regrets for his silliness.

Ishq Mein Marjawa:
Deep and Aarohi’s romance will be seen. Aarohi now blindly believes Deep. She wants to help him and get him out of the bitter memories of his past. Deep surprises Aarohi and takes her on a romantic date. He adorns her with the jewelry. Aarohi gets pleased by his gestures. He gets a gift for her. Danny comes there and stops Aarohi from opening the gift. The gift box explodes. This shocks Aarohi and Deep. Danny tells Deep that he can take care of Aarohi more than him. He reveals that he can love Aarohi more than him. He scolds Deep for his negligence. Deep gets angry hearing his love confession and punishes his face. Deep gets Aarohi with him. He entertains Aarohi and Chavanni, and does a magic show. Deep brings a smile on Chavanni’s face.


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