Dil Hi Toh Hai brings a break-up twist for Rithvik and Palak

Dil Hi Toh Hai: Rithvik and Palak to become the new ‘Tom and Jerry’

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Rithvik sends lovey-dovey messages to many guys from Palak’s dating account. Many guys come to the office and give her marriage proposal. Palak gets fed up reasoning with them that she didn’t chat with them. Rithvik enjoys the drama and then fires her for being unprofessional and breaking their company rules. Palak goes out crying. Palak comes to know about Rithvik’s conspiracy and curses him that he will fall in love with someone, but he will never get that girl.

She curses him to get his heart broken like his ditches many girls and breaks their heart. Meanwhile, Vijay comes to know that there is really a problem in their medicine and tells Rithvik that Palak’s judgment was right. He asks him to call Palak. Rithvik gets tensed as he already fired her. Vijay tells him that he wants Palak back in his company.

Palak enters the lab and gets a big shock. She can’t believe seeing a tantric inside the lab. She gets badly caught and turns scared. The tantric tells her that he has got her finally, she can be with him. She feels weird seeing the mad guy. She finds a chance and runs away from the lab. Palak and Rithvik have many clashes. They want to get equal in their fights. They plan against each other, which turns interesting to watch.







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