Roop: Shamsher gets panicking over Roop’s ill condition


Ranvir sees Roop playing with soft toys and takes Shamsher there, and tells him that Roop plays with girly soft toys. Shamsher gets angry and asks Kamla and his daughter to throw all the toys out. Kamla and others keep the toys in the blanket and pack them. Shamsher tells them that Roop will not become a man if he plays with soft toys. Roop comes to his room to play and sees all toys missing. He cries. His sisters pacify him and tell about Shamsher’s decision.

Roop goes to play with Ranvir and friends, who instigate him to prove his manhood by risking his life. Roop comes in their words and jumps down the cliff. Roop gets traumatized. He is pressurized by Shamsher and Kamla. He gets hospitalized. Kamla sheds tears seeing Roop in the hospital. She asks the nurse why is Roop not getting conscious. Nurse asks her to wait, doctor is checking Roop.

Doctor tells them that Roop has no external injuries, but he is doing the tests to know if there is any internal injury, like a blood clot in brain which may result in memory loss, or if any nerve or spinal cord damage occurs and turns him into a handicapped person. Shamsher and Kamla get worried hearing the possibilities. Shamsher says all this is wrong, why shall we think negative, there won’t be anything happen. He asks Kamla to have courage. Kamla feels Shamsher has put Roop’s life in big risk. Everyone cries for Roop. They don’t want Roop to suffer. Will Shamsher realize his mistake? Keep reading.



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