TGI Friday’s Spoilers

TGI Friday 7 Upcoming Telly Hits 28th June 2019

Kundali Bhagya: Prithvi comes to Karan’s room in the night to get the Slambook, but he escapes without taking the SLAM book. Sherlyn decides to go to hospital to terminate the pregnancy. Preeta calls Karan and asks him about Slam book. Karan tells that lock is not opening. She asks if he didn’t get any proofs and lying to her. Karan jokes with her that he is very possessive about her and tells that he called a locksmith to open the lock. He asks her to come home fast. Rakhi takes the call and asks Preeta to bring Dadi’s reports from the hospital. Preeta agrees. Sherlyn comes to the hospital and asks appointment for the doctor, but Nurse asks her to take an appointment and says she is not free for next three days. Sherlyn goes to the Doctor’s cabin. Preeta is also in the hospital.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Mrs. Bhalla asks the family members to do arrangements for Roshni’s comfortable stay. She is afraid that Roshni won’t leave Ishita and come. She tells them that court will not deny that its Adi’s child and belongs to them, none can stop them from getting their heir. She plans to welcome Roshni well. She gets too happy. She asks Mihika to decorate a room for Roshni. Mihika tells Mrs. Bhalla that the decision is in Roshni’s hands, she may refuse to come here. She says the room is almost ready and I have done baby shopping as well, but I don’t think Roshni will leave Ishita and come to stay here.

Piyaa Albela:


Pooja comes to stay in Vyas Mansion. Naren threatens her that her stay in Vyas Mansion will be torturous for her and he will not let her live peacefully. Pooja calls him selfish to see only his and his family’s pain and not seeing her pain. She says we have nothing left to talk between us. Naren pre-pones the interview to an early slot so that Vrat Savitri’s puja time doesn’t clash with the Interview time. He tries to ruin her speech and spills water on the paper. He tells her that her hard work is splashed by the water and she has to spend her night writing the speech again. Pooja checks the speech papers and teases him. She tells that he has ruined his own speech which is kept here. Naren is angry at her.

Kumkum Bhagya:

Robbers Boss talks to the Inspector and asks his men to get ready for the firework. Aaliya orders Purab and Disha to leave and throws their bag in the hall. Tanu suggests Aaliya not to let Purab go, else she will never get him in her life. Aaliya tells her that she doesn’t need her advice. Police try to enter inside, but robbers kill some of the constables. Robber asks Inspector to let him do the robbery and explains to him that he will go on a helicopter and will be having Abhishek Prem Mehra with them. Inspector doesn’t believe him and asks for proofs. Pragya gets shocked. Constable tells Inspector that Abhishek Mehra is inside and must be hidden.

Vivaan meets his mother in the hospital. He cares for her and apologizes to her. He realizes he has done wrong with Meera. Meera tells him that she has decided, she will leave from his life, she doesn’t want to be with him anymore. Vivaan doesn’t want Meera to leave. Pammi unites Meera and Vivaan’s hands. Meera gets quiet in front of Pammi. She goes home and packs her bags. Vivaan feels guilty of his doings. Vivaan tries hard to reconcile with Meera. Vivaan reaches Meera to make an apology to Meera and win her heart. He wishes he could succeed in making things fine in his marriage.


Chakor is driven by her patriotism. She reaches the godown and gets to see the huge amount of explosives stored by Colonel Yashwant. She worries that she can get in big trouble if anyone sees her, none can save her life if she gets caught. She feels she is silly to reach the godown alone. The goons check the crates and leave for delivery. She finds a way to leave by hiding in the truck. She moves back and drops some boxes. The men look for her and just find a rat there. She hides behind the crates and feels she should have listened to Suraj. She gets happy to see Suraj. Suraj rescues her life and promises her that he will help Abhay in the mission but only if she doesn’t risk her life this way.

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka:
Kunal throws a success party for Mauli. They celebrate with family and known people. Kunal praises Nandini and makes her smile. Nandini gets a huge shock seeing Rajdeep’s client Makhija. She tensely gets away from the party. She doesn’t want Kunal and Mauli to know whatever happened before. Nandini wants to secure Mauli’s happiness. Makhija comes to ruin Nandini’s peace. He chases Nandini and troubles her. He spoils the party. Kunal and Mauli take a stand for Nandini. They learn about Rajdeep’s crime and gets a huge shock.


Shivay and Anika wish to never meet, but destiny planned to bring them together under any circumstances. Anika returns to Oberoi mansion and comes face-to-face with Shivay, with whom she took the vows of eternal love. The situation changed between them. The lovers prove that lovers are into each other since the beginning, they are destined to meet some way or the other. Anika does her work for Priyanka’s marriage. Dadi likes the auspicious things happening and tells Shivay that she feels some positive person like Laxmi ji stepped in the house.


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