Udaan: Suraj to rescue Chakor’s life and conspire a new plan


Chakor is driven by her patriotism. She reaches the godown and gets to see the huge amount of explosives stored by Colonel Yashwant. She worries that she can get in big trouble if anyone sees her, none can save her life if she gets caught. She feels she is silly to reach the godown alone. The goons check the crates and leave for delivery. She finds a way to leave by hiding in the truck. She moves back and drops some boxes. The men look for her and just find a rat there. She hides behind the crates and feels she should have listened to Suraj. She gets happy to see Suraj. Suraj rescues her life and promises her that he will help Abhay in the mission but only if she doesn’t risk her life this way.

She tells him that she was helpless to come to the godown as he denied to help. He tells her that he will do anything, but he doesn’t want her to invite problems for their family. He wants to protect Chakor and Saanvi. He gets ready to risk his life.

Later, Chakor meets the RAW agents and tells them how she has witnessed everything and sensed the big threat. She makes a plan for trapping Naina in Suraj’s love. She wants Suraj to know everything about Naina and her routine, so that her likes and dislikes can make Suraj reach her heart soon. She asks the agents to help Suraj know every single details about Naina. She is sure that Suraj will impress Naina once he knows well about her. Suraj agrees to Chakor and spends time in knowing about Naina. Suraj and Chakor have a moment and cry on their love sacrifice. Chakor asks him to befriend Naina and Yashwant so that he can retrieve information about Yashwant’s dangerous planning.


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