Ishqbaaz: Daksh to remain evil, Shivay to turn savior for Anika

Anika's aunt gets angry on losing the shelter once again in Ishqbaaz

Anika and Gauri make chandan lep for Priyanka. Gauri applies chandan to Anika as well and wishes Anika gets married soon. Daksh eyes Anika and reaches her in Gauri’s absence. Anika struggles to save her dignity. She fights back and pushes away Daksh. Shivay gets close to Anika’s place, but misses to see Daksh. He turns into a savior for Anika. Daksh makes an escape on seeing Shivay. He spares Anika. When Gauri sees Anika, she asks what has happened with Anika. Anika tells her the bad incident. She tries to share her sorrow with her strong-headed sister Gauri. Anika tells Gauri that someone tried to molest her, but she couldn’t see the person in darkness. She gets terrified. Gauri pacifies Anika. She gets angry and asks her to raise a voice and get justice.

She wants to find the culprit. Anika tells her that they are at someone else’s house and can’t spoil Priyanka’s Roka. Anika tells Gauri that Shivay has saved her respect from the evil minded person. Anika says if they reveal the matter, Oberois’ reputation will be spoiled as well.

She doesn’t want Shivay and Priyanka to suffer. Anika and Gauri start respecting Shivay. Priyanka’s roka makes Shivay emotional. Shivay sees Anika decking up Priyanka. Anika does her duty really well. Anika happens to see Shivay and Priyanka’s emotional bond. Shivay does the Roka rituals. She gets happy to know that he has a heart. Anika and Shivay have an eye lock. Tia and her family congratulates Priyanka and Daksh. Anika suspects Daksh after she gets a clue against him. She gets Daksh’s ring and learns he was the one who tried to take advantage of her. Daksh is still evil like he was in Season 1, unlike Tia who is seen in a complete role reversal. Priyanka will be learning about Daksh’s evil character and getting hurt. Shivay will lose his temper and teach a lesson to Daksh.


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