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    Jiji Maa

    Nimki Mikhiya:
    Dabloo gets a big amount. Babbu doesn’t believe that Dabloo got the money from his in-laws. He asks Anaro what does she think, would his in-laws give him so much money. She doesn’t think if its true. Rekha complaints about Nimki. She asks Anaro to see how Nimki has got her family home and took them to Babbu’s room. Anaro gets angry that Nimki is bringing her low caste people home. Babbu is clueless about Dabloo. He connects the dots to know if Rekha’s uncle Nahar Singh is their rival.

    Saam Daam Dand Bhed:

    Mandira plans a big thing to get Vijay. She gets intoxicated and takes Vijay’s support. She controls Vijay by acting helpless. Vijay’s family gets worried seeing Mandira’s drama. Bulbul gets hurt seeing Mandira with Vijay. Dadi scolds Vijay and asks him to be with his wife. She asks Vijay why did he send Mandira to meet the guy outside the house. She says Mandira has broken the traditions and invited troubles, I regard Mandira as my daughter, but Mandira doesn’t regard me a mother, Mandira doubts on me. Vijay consoles Dadi. Dadi tries to fail Mandira’s drama.

    Mayavi Maling:

    Maharaj Shil Aditya gives a secret potion to Pranali and asks her to use it every day so that she can get an entrance under the throne’s passage. He tells her that if she does the rituals carefully, she will attain the powers. He asks her not to get distracted by Kalindi. She tells him that she is waiting for Haran to return with information about Kalindi. Angad asks Madhumali not to take things easy, as Haran may create troubles for him. She asks him not to worry for anything. Angad rushes to meet Pranali. She gets surprised by his sudden behavior. Angad tells her that he doesn’t want to talk about Kalindi. He reminds her his oath and stays away from her. He tells her that she needs to trust him and prove her loyalty to him. He confronts her for trusting Haran more than him.


    Dadi prepares for Priyanka’s Roka. She tells Shivay that Priyanka’s dress isn’t ready. Shivay goes to pick the dress. Anika also goes to the same place to meet Payal and get the dress. Daksh happens to be at the designer’s place and sees Anika. He gets after her. He catches Anika and tries to molest her. Anika boldly fights with him and tries to save herself. Shivay happens to reach the same place. He doesn’t meet the designer. He gets to hear some sound from upstairs and reaches there to see. Daksh sees Shivay and leaves Anika. He escapes from there. Anika gets saved because of Shivay unknowingly. He gets Priyanka’s dress and leaves from there. He doesn’t get to know the matter. Shivay’s cufflink falls there. Anika doesn’t see the person who tried to molest her.

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

    Kartik questions Naira about her leg injury. Naira refuses to tell him anything. She asks him about his drinking habit. She asks him for an answer. Kartik refuses to answer her. She too tells him that she will not answer him. Naksh and Kirti plan a trip to Mumbai. Kartik calls up Naitik to know about Naira’s injury. He informs him about Naira’s ankle sprain. Naitik tells him that Naira has got injured before as well. He asks him to better ask Naira about it. He calls up Naira to know about her injury. She asks him to enjoy his stay in Udaipur and not worry for him. Naitik gets worried for Naira. Kirti assures that she will make a plan and try to bring Kartik and Naira together.

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

    Raman and Ishita have an argument over Roshni’s child’s custody. Simmi happens to find an idea so that she can break the house peace. Ishita tells Roshni that she will hire the best lawyer and get the child’s custody. Mrs. Bhalla fears that Ishita won’t lose and will definitely snatch the custody. Raman tells her that Ishita has already snatched Adi from them, he won’t leave the child. He tells her that he doesn’t want the baby to become a burden on Roshni, as the child will just remind her about her failed career and life. He tells them that he wants to plan Roshni’s life for a good future, he can send Roshni to London once she delivers the baby and hands over the baby to them. He doesn’t share this plans with Ishita.


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