Piyaa Albela: Naren and Pooja’s Tashan to follow-up

Pooja finds Naren

Naren and Pooja have an argument. Danish reaches Naren and asks him about the problem. Naren slaps Danish and asks him to stay out of his matters. Pooja is snatching his political position. Naren taunts her for differentiating between Sasural and Maayka. She asks Naren to think what he has done. Naren and Pooja get taunting each other. Pooja goes for the Vatsavitri puja. Supriya doesn’t come for the puja, since Pooja is present at home. Pooja tries to convince her, but she doesn’t listen. She holds Pooja responsible for Angraj’s missing body. She has a misconception around Pooja and her family.

She thinks Pooja’s family has disappeared Angraj’s body and isn’t letting them do the final rites. Pooja fails to explain Supriya that she doesn’t know anything about Angraj. Naren convinces Supriya to come in the puja for Dada ji’s sake. Supriya becomes part of the puja, but doesn’t forgive Pooja. She doesn’t let Dada ji see Angraj’s picture with garlands. Naren likes Pooja’s problems. Naren doesn’t believe Pooja any more. He tells Pooja that the elections are close and they will see the results soon. They both have a competition for CM position.


Pooja and Naren perform happily. Pooja gifts Supriya. Angraj hides his identity. He tells Rahul that Naren’s life will become a dangerous dream after two days, let Pooja come here, it will be fun. Angraj reveals that he has worn a bullet proof jacket and got saved that day. He conspires with Rahul and Surbhi. During the puja, Supriya slaps Pooja in front of everyone. Naren gets a huge shock and worries for Dada ji’s presence. Supriya asks Pooja how can she stoop so low and poison the food to kill her. She snatches Pooja’s rights on the family. She blames Pooja for trying to kill the family by poisoning them. Pooja tries to prove that she didn’t add anything in the kheer. She consumes the poisonous kheer. She didn’t know that someone has added the poison in it. Pooja was planning to feed kheer to Supriya as per a ritual to thank her mum-in-law. She didn’t expect Supriya to come up with such a thing. Pooja doesn’t get supported by Naren. Pooja’s life falls in danger. She collapses after having the kheer. Naren worries for her. Dada ji and Naren rush Pooja for the medical aid. Surbhi has turned negative when she fails to get attention from family. Surbhi plans this along with Rahul so that she can break Pooja from the family.


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